New 220 and 245 Amp (12/14 volt) High Output, High Temperature Alternators Available!

220, 245 amp alternatorsLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems Division of Prestolite Electric announced today the addition of alternators with outputs of 220 amp and 245 amp (12 volt) to its line of popular high amperage 4000 series alternators. "The new models, available in both J180 and Pad mount design, fill a gap in our current lineup of high output alternators." says Jim Beirne, Executive VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing. "The new models incorporate all of the best design features our customers have come to expect in our alternators, including very high output at idle and the ability to run in high temperature environments. Best of all, we have been able to leverage manufacturing efficiencies utilizing our solid lead frame design to allow us to reduce the price of these units."

The new models incorporate the same improved design characteristics of the rest of the 4000 series alternators, including the implementation of a solid lead frame for both internal and external rectifiers. The design of the new lead frame greatly reduces the number of wiring connection points within the alternator. These connection points will now become permanently welded or will be part of the mechanical assembly of the alternator. The design also greatly increases the alternators’ resistance to high temperatures and vibration.
"These units are true high temperature alternators approved for extreme applications, and will not falter at maximum rated temperatures." Beirne explains. "There are competitive alternators in the marketplace that claim to be high temperature, but that claim is achieved by clamping down the alternator output when the unit gets hot. In effect, those alternators crawl into a shell to protect themselves when the going gets tough. Our philosophy has been that the alternator should always try its best to supply the system with as much power as it can, even when it gets hot. We don’t believe that putting our alternators into a self-protect mode, while allowing the rest of the electrical system to fail, is in the best interest of the customer."
The new 220 amp models are:

The new 245 amp models are:

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