AVI160T (12 volt, 230 amp) - New Alternator Announcement

AVI160TLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Sytems Division of Prestolite Electric is thrilled to announce the release of several new alternators:

AVI160T2002 (available now!)
AVI160T2001 (available in June)

These two models are T-mount configurations of a brand new family of heavy duty, internal fan alternators designed and built from the ground up by our advanced engineering teams in Plymouth, MI and Arcade, NY.

Designed specifically for aftermarket installations on Ford F & E series chassis, along with Navistar LCF vehicles, they provide plenty of additional output required by demanding applications such as construction, shuttle bus and emergency vehicles.

Both models can be used on either diesel or gasoline engines. The AVI160T2001 has a PCM style regulator, and will work on most 2008 and newer vehicles. The AVI160T2002 has an I-Line style regulator, and is designed for pre-2008 Ford and Navistar LCF vehicles. Both models include new longer mounting bolts to make replacement of the OE alternators simple. The I-Line model includes a wiring harness so that no wiring modifications will be required.

US flagDesigned and manufactured in the USA, these two 12 volt high output, high temperature, compact alternators where created specifically for the very limited space requirements in the Ford F and E chassis vehicles.

These alternators represent the first two models of a brand new series of heavy duty alternators. The AVI160 series ([A]lternator [V]ented [I]nternally, 160mm frame), initially released in the T-mount versions mentioned here will soon be available in other mounting configurations.

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