Titan 125 12 V Starter Motor - New Features, New Wiring Instructions

filenameThe Titan 125 12 volt starter motor has been updated for 2010. Our flagship gear reduced starter motor is under a constant quality improvement regimen to maintain its position as the strongest, most durable heavy duty starter on the market.

Most of these improvements are 'under the hood' and will be transparent to installer and end users, but one feature that we know will help in many applications is the new set up for the mag switch relay. We've moved it toward the front of the solenoid to reduce vibration, and we've mounted it on a rotatable flange that will make the starter much easier to install in those tight locations.

We've also been including an OCP bypass plug with this unit for some time now, but in typical Leece-Neville fashion have not made a big deal about it. The Titan 125 starters have OCP (Over-crank protection) built into the internal wiring of the motor itself, making an external connection unnecessary. This means that on those trucks that have an existing wiring circuit for an OCP bypass, when you pull off the old starter you'll have a two wire harness that won't have a place to plug into the Titan 125. For those cases we've included a bypass cap that will plug into this harness to complete the circuit.

That's right, we throw one into every box. Well, you're welcome!

Anyway, to find out more you can download the technical bulletin below or get all of the M125 detailed specifications, cross references and related materials on the main product page.

Make sure you let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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