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35si delco

When replacing a 35si with a 110-555jho- there is a wire to the I terminal on the delco- where do you put it on the 110-55? I believe it is for an idiot light

1277a740 Alternator testing

Have bought a 1277A740 Alt for a Blue bird bus app.
Put Alt. on and it does charge but the 12 volt system that the Alt is suppose to power up isn't working.
There is a terminal on the back that this system hooks up to.. reads 13.5 to 15.Volts.. put a test light on this terminal and the voltage drops out. This is a replacement alternator and Blur Bird also sent the same replacement alt and it is doing the same thing.
Question, is that terminal suppose to carry amps , to turn on a relay (driver)?

Alternator model selection

Hi Mark,


Thanks for your insights so far.


Yes, I'd like your direction and advise on the proper alternator selection. I'd like to get an amp rating in the 160-185 range.


Not using a battery isolator, simple high amp switch between each battery bank.


Recall it will go on a Cummins 5.9 BT, I know of some other boaters that have swaped out the stock small frame and gone with the J-180 larger units.


I know the 8LHA2070VE will work, another boater used this model for the swap.

As for the brushless, several look to me like the'll be compatable. 

That said, it does not have to be brushless.


I'll be removing the regulator and using a remote "smart" one from Balmar either the MC612 or MC614. thanks for the info on that already.


The current small amp alternator is a Bosch 65 amp (K) - it uses a 3 wire configuration; the heavy guage positive and a smaller alternator indicator wire as well as a tach drive wire. I'd like to keep the same conguration with the correct model from you. 


Sorry, I'm a bit of an alternator neophite and am unsure about selection.

What model(s) do you suggest?

Lastly, I am in the metro Vancouver BC, can you recommend a preferred local vendor or two fo me to ultimatleu purchase from?


Thanks in advance Mark,


Regards, Ross 


I started out with a 4834LC. It changed to the 4836LGH. My problem is my old alt had a ignition terminal on it. My new alt does not. How do I wire this alt to work.


Are the following Type AS123 alternators interchangeable?


BMW 1983 fuel system

i have a 1983 BMW an i ran it out of gas i then put some fuel in it an it still will not start i pulled the fuel line off before the valve cover i think and a massive amount of air released i then re hooked it back up and tryed again still not starting, what do i need to do??

Part No 8923597 repair kit

I have a Covington marinized 6-71TI Detroit diesel and it has an alternator part number 8923597, date code 8422, service parts type number 3525JC, with a complete model number of A001090652.
Is there any where I can order rebuild parts for this? We are in the Bahamas and have an alternator that is not putting out any voltage. I suspect the regulator but have not pulled it all apart, and would rather not since we can run the boat and use the shore powered charger to charge the starting battery.
Any advice and links to parts would be appreciated.

Dan Mapes

Thanks Mark, having some difficulty updating the thread.

Mark I am hoping you are notified of this edit;

Is there a schematic available for this alternator as well as the parts list? I would like to attempt a debug with that hoping I could replace a couple of parts instead of removing the alternator.

Suggested Heavy Duty High Amp Model for Cummins 6BT 5.9

Hi there,

I am in the process of installing a large frame heavy duty (J-180 mount) alternator in the 160 to 175 amp range in my single engine boat. The motor is a Cummins 6BT 5.9, currently with the small frame 65 amp stock alternator. I have two battery banks one for starting and the other much bigger house batteries. The current set up is a 3 wire system.

I will be going with an external regulator such as a Bal Mar.

Which model (part number) do you recommend?

I understand the 8LHA2070VE is an appropriate 3 wire 160 amp model? (It will fit)

What is required for the external regulator?

Anyhting else I need to know?

Thanks in advance.


ALT F+ f- post



I have a model 12824LC alternator. It producess 18 volts continously. Batteries are new, I have checked all the connections. I suspect a bad voltage regulator. Do you think I am correct? If so were can I get one.
Jim Fultz