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AC voltage

How much AC voltage does an automotive alternator produce?

Leece-Neville 5016R Regulator

I'm trying to locate a Prestolite Leece-Neville 5016R voltage regulator. Is the regulator still available? If not, is there a replacement/substitute?

AVI160T2002-2 (A160202)


 What Is the warranty on this alternator? 

                                         Thanks Ron

Electric tach o meter modle no 7 STH 24062

I have a prestolite electirc tach running on 12 volts need to know what to set the dip switches for a 3406B mod CAT fly wheel has 113 teeth tach mod # 7STH24062

Odyssey Battery Bank 1070 AH's

Plan to have 1070ah battery bank
Odyssey PC1800 - FT
Want to add second alternator
What size should I purchase ?

Thinking I need a 160amp large frame, double pulley

Perkins 4236, 85 hp diesel

Has own starting battery and existing 65a Alternator

Can someone with experience help.

I understand I would be smart to have a battery
monitor, smart regulation and battery temperature

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, if you will be kind
to do so.

7ST24060 Tachometer DIP switch settings


I am searching for the DIP switch settings for the now obsoleted 7ST24060. Any help would be appreciated.

motorola tachometer 7sth2304

Where can I find a distributor for a Motorola tachometer # 7sth2304? I am located near Charlotte NC.

Trent Pence


Is there an alternate starter for pt no. 7508ME. We are
a Mack Truck distributor. Our customer needs this starter
as soon as possiable.

5058-ga3 rectified AC System

we have this unit that we are rebuilding for our customer. we also have the generator control unit. we need to know the test procedures for this animal if you have them.

10085754 ....

24 volt alt will it run with external transpo regulator at lower 12-20 volt with higher amp rating?as lower volt higher amp..