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Output Curve 4867JB - Voltage vs Output Amperage

We have one customer, a local school district bus garage, that uses 4867JB alternators almost exclusively on all vehicles. As a Presotlite/Leece Neville/Motorola WD we only use OEM parts to rebuild these units.

That said, we have constant complaints from this one customer about his voltage monitors going off at times under heavy load, low rpm etc. It seems that the batteries never fail to start the bus, but the bus operators immediately want to take the unit out of service because of the alarms.

We have recommended that voltage drop tests be done on both the positive and negative charging circuit wiring, but as of this query have not been done.

I have found the output curve versus RPM on the PR main site but really need to have something that shows the voltage versus amperage output at a constant RPM. If I had a new 4867JB on the shelf I would run one up myself but we sold our last one recently.

thanks for any help,

J.D. Jevne
Milligan Diesel & Electric
St Louis