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M105601 (M105R2501SE)

Hi, Could someone please tell me what the OE application is for a M105601, specifically chassis and engine. I see Bluebird and International listed but no engine listed.

Reworking 2800LC alternator for Duvac operation.

My 1999 motorhome with 80K miles currently has the original 2824JB DUVAC alternator. Having had two bad Delco alternators on previous motorhomes I wanted a spare to take along. I found a reference to Tech Letter 45 that describes how to rework a 2800JB to operate with a battery isolator. It looked reasonable so I purchased a new 2800LC with the newer 450 regulator. The instructions do not exactly apply to my situation. The new regulator has two yellow wires connected to the AC posts for self excitation. The regulator has a white/red striped wire internally connected to positive output stud. Am I correct in assuming I can remove the wire on the regulator to the positive stud and connect the vacated regulator terminal to the external DUVAC wire from my battery and leave the ignition wire disconnected and taped up thus keeping the AC excitation. Thanks for your help.