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seal alternator

Looking for a seal alternator 24 volt 20 amps or more ,that has and J180 mount.
It can look like a old prestolite ANB6001


I am in need of the process for warranty fileing of failed alternators i just started handling warranty for transport diesel and not sure what forms and details i need to faile a claim let me know with any details you can thanks Maritn

amperage over limits

I have recently replaced a 55 amp motorola with a 90 amp Leece Neville alternator. The voltage output is within specs but the amperage is beyond what the ammeter will take. -60-+60 gauge. It has a dual battery system working either seprately or together but whether on either battery or both it is generating over 60 amps. I'm more than puzzeled about this since both batteries are new and all connections seem to be good on b+ and -. Anyone run into this before.

Change in Pulley Size

I have a ’73 Seagrave hook & ladder that I’m restoring. It’s equipped with a Detroit 8V71N engine. The alternator is a 4867JB, 14V 270amp. The idle speed of engine is 550rpm, and 500rpm when PTO is engaged or in drive. The alternator doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with demand when all lights are activated. The current pulley sizes are : 3.25" double groove on the alt. shaft, and 5” off the engine. Due to space confinement, it’s hard to get an exact dimension, but I believe this is pretty darn close. The max RPM setting on the engine is 2550 ( fire application ). All that said, would slightly decreasing the pulley diameter give me a higher output at idle without over speeding the alt. at 2550 rpm? Both batteries are new Deka 908D deep cycle. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Converting 2800LC to Duvac

Is it possible to convert a 2800LC alternator with new style 103450 regulator (I have one which my mechanic mistakenly ordered and can't return) to DUVAC using the conversion technique available in the tech brochures section?

The alternator presently installed which has failed is a 2800JB with a sticker saying it has been converted to DUVAC. It would greatly simplify things for me if I could convert the new alternator on hand.

Thanks so much for your help. Chuck