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8rg2101a regulator

can I purchase this regulator from the internet ?

A0014884JB tach flucuating/jumping needle/reeding way high

Hi, hopefully you all can dig into your archives....1996 Monaco motorhome with Cummins 8.3L. Originally equipped with a Hehr #25-12 190 amp alt with external reg. Original was replaced with your 4884JB back in 96. This unit has worked fine until 2 weeks ago when tach needle began jumping and or reading high. Is there any quick checks that can be made to the alt to verify a good or bad tach signal output?

thank you

Need Starter Model

I need a simplified starter model for design purposes.

Correct Alternator Model Number

Thanks for your reply. I would love to stay with the original equipment and am sure that my dealer would make the exchange. What would be the model number on the alternator I should be using? My motor home is a 1996 with an 8.3 Cummins.

Thanks for your help, again,


Ramsey winch modele 15000 pilot

Hi a have a ramsey winch pilot 15000 wich modele of prestolite motor fit on this item ?

8MR2070TA AC term spec

I have a 72 Jeep that the the previous owner installed an 8MR2070TA alternator. The wiring was modified to utilize the alternator and I am trying to figure it out. First, I am assuming that this alternator will ground through the case because there is no attachment to the ground term. I know it is a 1-wire alt but there is a wire going to one of the A/C term (not for tach)so I am wondering what the voltage characteristics of the A/C term are to help me determine the use in the jeep. Thanks.

Alternator wiring

I am replacing the alternator on my motor home. My local dealer sold me alternator model number 8LHA2070VF. Besides the positive and negative battery connections, my old alternator has 2 smaller wires, one attached to a terminal marked IGN and one attached to a terminal marked DUVAC. Where do I terminate these 2 wires on my new alternator. Thank you very much.

prestolite distributor merc 351

I'm looking for a wire diagram for points and location of ground wire for points. Merc cruiser 351, 1976

Leech-Nevlle 4854A

Frieghtliner-American Lafrance:

Have a 4854A alt on it,i belive the diode went out,it is not suppling enough amps to system, can this be repaired by some locally or would have to be shipped to a repair location?

alternator terminals

i have a leece-neville 110-912 in my monaco motor home. recently i had to replace the refrigerator with a new one and it requires a connection to d+. the people that installed the refrigerator do not know how to do this. where is the d+ terminal and if you have any knowledge of a monaco coach where is an easy place to connect.