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voltage regulator

I have a 200 Amp altinator with an adujustable remote mounted regulator Type number - R0015016 RC, Volts - 14, Date Code -74-41,

I am having voltage fluactions of about 3-4 volts. It used to just be at idle, but is not at all RPM and with different loads. The cables have been cleaned and same problem. Is there a way to confirm if it is the altinator or the regulator?

Thank you for your help


alternator poles

I have a leece 2800jb alternator, and i am replacing the tachometer. i have to adjust the tach according to the number of poles in the alternator,of which i do not know. i think it may have 12,but not sure.Any info would be helpful,thanks.

Old motorola altenator for an ambulance

I had previously repaired this 120 amp alternator but it seems to be fubared now. I am looking for a replacement that will be suitable and fit without any more modification.

Also something that wouldn't break the wallet would be nice too. The modelnumber off this beast is: 12SA106

8LHA2070V Installation wiring for Freightliner / Cummins L10 Engine

After installing the new 8LHA2070V my ammeter guage peggs out at 18+ voltage.  I have new batteries.  Is there a special way to wire this alternator?

Parts and service manual

I am an A&P mechanic looking for information on ALV9510 alternators. Can you please guide me to where I may find this information? Thank you.


Sales Dept.,
We are looking for the following alternator or if you have any suggestions as to replacement model for this please advise.

Alternator for Detroit 892

Prestolite Leece-Neville

Model: 8SA3065P or 110403

Volts: 24
Amps 75

Thank you,

Edgar Cabret

Prestolite Ignition coil

looking for a replacement coil for 1980 Pioneer EM chainsaw
Coil is a Prestolite Mod # 3405347

Is it possible to provide ignition excite feature to 8mr2401ua?


I recently installed a prestolite 8mr2401ua self excite alternator, wired to the (+) Battery common post & the (-) Ground Buss via 4AWG cables as recommended. It seems to perform flawlessly in my initial tests. However, I noted that I need to rev my engine to get the unit to cut in. Although this is expected behavior for this type of installation, I would prefer to have the unit energized with the ignition circuit so if I forget to rev the motor at start up on my way out or in, the alternator will have cut in at idle cruising speed.

My question is two fold:

1) Is it possible to convert this unit to ignition excite? If so how is this accomplished?

2) Are there any dis-advantages to ignition-excite wiring method?

Thanks in advance.

differance between voltge regulators

I would like to know the differance between voltage regulators. Part # R240105747 and R240102835S.


I have a 1991 Glassstream boat with a:

Mercruser 4 cly engine 13o hp,
Engine s/n OD515236
Alpha one outdrive
Distributor Prestolite 6M70269

I'm looking to convert to electronic ignition or buy a distributor with electornic ing. include. Do you have either?

317-777-4119 is my cell.