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Titan 125

Please confirm you product specifications for these two starters and advise.

The Titan M125701 solenoid position indicated in your website is 82 degrees, yet the original cores we're receiving are 322 degrees.

The Titan M125601 Pinion OD indicated in website is 46.5, yet the original cores we're receiving are 56.8 like the 24V version.

Thank you for your assistance.

Frank Rucchetta

Alternator AC Voltage Measurements

I have a Leece Neville 65 Amp. 12V Alternator, Model #8MR2092L. This alternator has 12 poles. I am trying to measure the voltage at the AC tap for the tachometer. My inside cabin tachometer operates correctly but my upper flybridge tachometer does not. As I understand it the AC tap should read half the alternator output DC voltage. I measured the voltage at the AC tap with my multimeter on the AC scale and I get a reading of 16 (both with a digital and an analog multimeter). My DC output voltage is about 14.4 so shouldn't my AC tap voltage be about 7 or 8. Am I reading the AC tap voltage wrong? Should I be using the DC scale to measure this voltage? I had the alternator bench tested at a local alternator shop and they said it was operating correctly. They said they were reading 8 at the AC tap with a analog gauge but 16 with a digital gauge. I don't know what the difference could be between the two gauges. I'm wondering now if they know what they are talking about. Your help will be appreciated.

Robert Paxton

Alternator marine use

I have a Motorola 90 amp alternator (110-603) with voltage regulator 8RG2043 (105-280) 5 amp 12 volt. For marine application.

Can the voltage be adjusted?

Is this alternator/ voltage regulator adequate to charge four 6 volt 400 Ahr AGM batteries wired in series and parallel to get 12 volts DC.

If so does the voltage need to be adjusted?
Is there a problem with overheating the alternator?

Barry Rochefort, Seattle

motorola alternator

I need to replace a motorola alternator for an exercise bike (lifecycle 9000) part # 8AL-2109F, 12N-37A-8721. Can you help?


AC voltage

How much AC voltage does an automotive alternator produce?

Leece-Neville 5016R Regulator

I'm trying to locate a Prestolite Leece-Neville 5016R voltage regulator. Is the regulator still available? If not, is there a replacement/substitute?

AVI160T2002-2 (A160202)


 What Is the warranty on this alternator? 

                                         Thanks Ron

Electric tach o meter modle no 7 STH 24062

I have a prestolite electirc tach running on 12 volts need to know what to set the dip switches for a 3406B mod CAT fly wheel has 113 teeth tach mod # 7STH24062

Odyssey Battery Bank 1070 AH's

Plan to have 1070ah battery bank
Odyssey PC1800 - FT
Want to add second alternator
What size should I purchase ?

Thinking I need a 160amp large frame, double pulley

Perkins 4236, 85 hp diesel

Has own starting battery and existing 65a Alternator

Can someone with experience help.

I understand I would be smart to have a battery
monitor, smart regulation and battery temperature

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, if you will be kind
to do so.