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Have a older prestolite alternator 1993 ? Connections on it are : Bat. excitation and I believe S . The boat and motor manual show bat , solenoid and ground wires . Alternator is being repaired right now . What would be the correct wiring diagram ?

seal alternator

Looking for a seal alternator 24 volt 20 amps or more ,that has and J180 mount.
It can look like a old prestolite ANB6001


I am in need of the process for warranty fileing of failed alternators i just started handling warranty for transport diesel and not sure what forms and details i need to faile a claim let me know with any details you can thanks Maritn

amperage over limits

I have recently replaced a 55 amp motorola with a 90 amp Leece Neville alternator. The voltage output is within specs but the amperage is beyond what the ammeter will take. -60-+60 gauge. It has a dual battery system working either seprately or together but whether on either battery or both it is generating over 60 amps. I'm more than puzzeled about this since both batteries are new and all connections seem to be good on b+ and -. Anyone run into this before.