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wiring diagram and advice for alternator/regulator

I have a Leece Neville Model # 8LHA2070VB alternator on a cat 330 HP engine in a Monaco Safari Cheetah Motor home.

The failure to charge th batteries went like this:

I noticed the voltmeter needle charging between 15 and 16 volts. The needle was "quivering" back and forth in 15 TO 16 V RANGE.
Then, it dropped back to about 11.5 v for a few seconds and then went back to the 15/ 16 range. After a few minutes, it dropped back to 11.5 v and has stayed there permenatly, not chargin the battery.

I had the alternator bench tested and it was fine.

Further investigation revealed 12.5 v on the ignition wire going to one side (red) of the regulator, with key off. I think it should have no voltage on it until the key is turned on.

The other regulator wire (black) is wired to the neg post on the alternator. Is this correct?

Then, I noticed that someone had disconected the alt fail wire from the "s" terminal. That wire goes to a relay then a warning light on the dash.

1 other wire has also been disconected,called "duvac", that comes from the + side of the battery, that should connected the "black" side of the regulator. Currently, the "black side of the regulator is connected to the ground post on te alternator. I think that is wrong also.

In short, someone has jury rigged the wiring.

Monaco sent the attached diagram but I am not sure it's correct since my model is not listed on the drawing.
(If you have a hard time reading the labels in the diagram, open it, hold your ctrl key down and hit the number "5" on your keyboard.).

So, can anyone email ( ) the proper wiring diagram for the alternator/regulator showing all connections for this application

I am going to put it back as it should be wired.

Need more info pls call me on 757-619-3649

Thank you for your help!!