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alternator noise

our dept. has a new pierce fire truck with a leece neville alternator on it model# A0014890JB (320 amp). we are getting noise in our head sets. our radio guys have put filters on with no change. i replaced the alternator thinking it might have a leaky diod the noise is still present. if you unhook the batt. cable from the alt. the noise goes away. any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated

lake county fire/rescue

Alternator not charging.

I have a 2003 Monaco Dynasty with a roulette spielen 14884JB alternator. I took the alternator to an authorized distributor of Leece Neville alternators and they tested it. Results on the test bench showed no output so they rebuilt it. The stator was apparently bad. I reinstalled the alternator this evening and still show no output or very little output.

I would first like to make sure I have it wired correctly. The back of the alternator has a lug for the positive battery cable and a casino spielen lug for the negative battery cable, which I know are on the correct terminals. There are othe wires that go to the alternator. One is a red wire that goes to the Remote Sense terminal and when I check the voltage on that wire it is the same voltage as the battery. The next wire is a yellow wire that goes to the IGN terminal and I confirmed that it had +12vdc voltage with the ignition turned on and nothing with it turned off. The third wire is black and it is wired to the center of the 3 terminals that are between the + and - leads.

I believe I have it wired correctly so not sure why I show no charge voltage.

Please advise.

Upgrading of Rescue Truck Alternator

We have a 1988 ford F-350 Squad/rescue truck with a 7.3 liter diesel it has had problems ever since new , i just currently
got it rewired with 000 wire to a cole-hersee battery disconnect it is using a leece-neville 7706A 165 amp alternator ( RA7706 ) with a B0015078R regulator , when the power invertor is running at full capacity voltage drops to 11.5 to 12 volts at half load its
12.5 to 13 volts , what i want to know is what alternator i can use that mounts the same and has the same size shaft as i have to reuse our three belt pully , looking for a 250 amp or 300 amp to replace this unit , also this truck does have a factory volt meter in dash

thanks any help appreciated
david buchmiller
North Catasauqua Fire Co.
e-mail ,

Corporation mission statement

What is the corporate mission statement?

looking for a Voltage Regulator

How and where can find a
Voltage Regulator replacement for a
Type Number: R0013509RB
Date Code: 77-42
Volts: 14
Amps: 60
System Ground: NEG

Alternator Install with isolator


I have a 8MR2069TA alternator with attached 8RG2043 regulator and I just purchased a Sure power Isolator. I followed the instructions on wiring but the moment I connect the + side of the alternator to the isolator it stops charging. Do you have any suggestions or can you point me to a direction for help? I bough your alternator as a replacement for an old 4-wire one. The place I bought it from directed me to just connect the power and ground wire only. My set-up is Twin MARINE POWER inboards and the Isolator is SURE POWER 3203. My other side still has the old style 4-wire alternator and it works fine.

Thank you.


Does the item number 42001 ignition coil have a warrenty?

help finding an electronic ignition

I need to locate a Prestolite distributor for my Allis Chalmers forklift. Where do I find an electronic distributor? The tag I have says: Prestolite IDN 4012 4 C. I desperately need help!!!

Motorola Marine Alternator

Please assist in identifying the Motorola Alternator on my vessel and recommend replacement.

The unit was manufactured on or before 1990; installed in in Holland in 1990.

The unit is not 'grounded; pos and neg cables lead from the unit. (vessel is aluminum)

Not all the marking on the Alternator are legible. I will provide the following;

Marking on Case:
Type No mostly smudged: ….5590
Volt 28
MP 40
AEM 17
AN. 89

Marking on rear of alternator:

Type 9RC 8055
V 28.15 SEM/AN

The ID between the 2 mounting feet is 3.2 inches (8.1cm)

Can provide picture.


Charles H. Wiesneth