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Cant find any valid cross referencing for this Prestolite Alternator number. ALK-7321-S8R. Looked through the online PDF, and didnt find this particular number. This alternator is currently in a 1972 Yale Forklift with a Chrysler Slant six engine. No parts stores can cross this successfully, and Im not going to order something without knowing it fits. Any help and a current interchangable number would be greatly appreciated!

Transient voltage protection

does BLP or BLD series have built in trasient voltage protection (aka load dump) a big zener diode that clamps at 40-50 volts ?

JD 5020 24v alt hooking up and testing

I have a JD 5020 with a 24v alternator that the wires werent hooked up and i cant figure out where to hook them.
the tractor has 2 12v batterys with one positive ground and the other negative ground, both grounded to the tractor frame. i have a hot wire from each battery at the alternator. the alternator looks like a motorola and all the numbers i can find on it are 3010, 1343, 494, and 87930. it has an isolation diode on it. the regulator is a motorola 8rf 3017c with a plug with 2 wires that hook into the tractor harness, a green that plugs into the brush holder and two other faded wires. with all the different places to hook all the wires, i need help!!


Im wondering how to go about employment through your company. Do I need to go to your job site, or through a temp agency. I have previous experience with your company and would like to be considered for re-hire. If you have any question please contact me via email. thank you for your time.

alternator for a VW cabrio 2000

Thank you for your help, and let me first explain the project so you can understand better the developpement.

I am developing a theory on the possibility that a VW cabrio can become a hovercar and be on a large catamaran as a hoverdingy.

Before i remove the rear seats for futur Lifepo batteries and add wheel emotors to the rear wheels assisting the gas motor, i am now looking at recharging batteries and use Emrax dc motors on the twin props (pushers) and the lift prop(s) .

The Emrax DC will be only used to get passed the hump, after that the ac current directly from the alternator can supply power only to the acmotors (more efficient) untill all can be done with the EmraxDCs . I am almost at he point of deciding to use the batteries as the interface and solely use the EmraxDCs.

But at the end of the day, i cannot take "peanut" (the name of the car) to the scrap yard, for my wife will recycle me and compost me.

So the engine in the cabrio is not very powerfull , i can boost it a little but not much at the expense of some criticism. 115 hp is what i have.

The idea came from this premise: taking the big cat to florida will take about 20 to 25 days, it takes about 25 hrs driving the car anyway to florida, rental in florida is out of the question for many months. So i would have a bit more than 1 hour of recharge the batteries from the car then being used as the genset of the bigboat. At 2600 rpm for an hour on N should be easy task for "peanut" each day for 25 days , it will remind some people going to work but what can we say.

So far my mechanic says 150 amp (12v) is the maximum he envisions, but i want to push the concept. As for the weight of the car, considering everything, it only adds about 1000 kg to the bigcat (9 tons) and the hovercraft shell (beside being autonomous on its own (Emrax and batteries)) when "peanut" is "shopping..." or simply resting in a marina parking.

Any ideas ?

Thank you
my email (

35259860s fittment on Ford 4.6L V-8

Been led to believe that the 35259860s will fit the Ford 4.6L V-8 (and other Ford modular engines) in the crown vic police application. Is this true? The ears are 8mm threaded on the L/N, not on the OE motorcraft, OE one hole is 8mm, other 2 are 9mm, are we to drill the holes? A couple of our customers have w/success, the rest have returned the product as no fit.

Looking for a volt meter leece neville

I need a Leece Neville product that is a DC Volt meter. It's about 2 inches by two inches. The face of it has tiny letters which I believe says VOLT O CATOR. Any chance of finding the part number for this so I can order one?
It's off a 1968 fire truck.
Kevin Lynch
Venice, FL

Need a STATOR connection

I have a presolite alt. 8MR - style, no number but it pretty closely resembles the 8mr 2026, that I am adding to a small engine to charge my batteries.
The alternator already has had the internal regulator taken out. One wire is marked FIELD, the other goes to ground.
The regulator I have needs a STATOR connection. There are two posts on the back of the alternator. One appears to be connected to the case (ground) the other is insulated from the case. Is the AC TAP - and can it be used as the STATOR connection? The Battery terminal and the ground connections are marked. Just need a STATOR connection.


I HAVE PRESTOLITE 3558756C91 i'm installing GPS i put the power on the center stud and when my truck idle it tells my gsp that alternator has failed. Which stud could i use without giving my gps a fault?


I purchased a 8MR2131F-NH Alt. for a New Holland L-785 skid-steer loader and the back is different from the old one. I see the Bat(POS) and excitation terminals but I do not see a terminal marked "indicator light". There is one on the new Alt. marked "AC tap", is that the one I need to use? The old Alt also has a "AC tap" terminal but it was not used.