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Wiring help needed


I have questions about wiring a new internal alternator from an external one. I bought the #8MR2050Fa sales #170-532 and regulator #8RG2069. I am attaching the old external wiring schematic from previous setup. Seems like it should be easy but I over think things sometimes.

The questions I have going clockwise from top of your dim drawing are...

1. Yellow wire excitation lead I don't know where it should go.

2. AC tap is for auxiliary components that I will not need now?

3. B- post does it need to get wired to the battery or is it grounded through the engine block?

4. B+ It should get wired to the + post of the battery (right)? Is there a recommended wire size, it would be about 2-3 feet from battery?

5. D+ or REG should get wired to my orange wire to the indicator light. (right)?

Also can I just remove the old regulator then?



24v 35amp alternator operating speed


Could you please tell me the approx speed at which your 24v 35 amp alternators come on line?

Thank you for time.

altnator not charging

I have installed a LN 2800LC on my coach. I get no voltage
from the positive terminal. I have had the unit checked two times on a test bench and it outputs 14 volts and i had it load tested to 120 amps.
I have checked voltage with no wires hooked up and with it completely installed and there is no voltage present.
the unit turns at 2100 Rpms at idle and i held engine at 2000 RPM to try to get the unit exicited.
Does 12 volts have to be present on the positve terminal ?
to have it self excite?
Thanks for your help.

re brake

Motor info for nubie please

This is what i have.  Any help would be great.


part no.  570-214-101

model.    MSK 4001 

Ser no.  3U10609 

351 PCM J1171

I have a 1987 PCM 351, model PLD-WR-L10, that I would like to replace the distributor on. I would like to get a distributor that is electronic ignition. what model disty do I need?

Need help crossing a MITIN1478 to a Leece Neville product.

Not sure. He is replacing Delco 42MT's with this one. It does not have OCP on it.

8EM2005KB Wiring Diagram

I need a wiring diagram for the 8EM2005KB 85 amp alternator and the recomended upgrade alternator if I want to change it out now.

Question #1
Is there a wiring diagram available?
and if not,
I see that the following are present on the 8EM2005KB model:
Is the following correct?
AC Tap (for a tachometer?)
Indicator Light Term (Warning light?)
POS + Output (Starter & Solonoid connections?)
EXO (I am not sure what goes here?)

Question #2
What is the best upgrade for this model

Thanks for the help.

Application details:
1989 Marine
5.7 Liter V8
two batteries

Battery Specs

Had new battery installed at service station.
Reciept says Prestolite 231. Battery says size/warranty 35-60. I am trying to get CCA(cold cranking) and RC (reserve)
info to make sure this product satisfies my needs.


multiple alternator

i am working with A0014836LGH 49000 185 amp alternators (2). they are powering a inverter at 180 amps @ 14 volts.
the bateries are AGM at 300 AH. my question is what regulators are avalable for this alternator? i have looked for info on this and found litle. Any help?

external regulator adjustment

160 amp A0012825LC

is charging at 13.2 volts

is there an adjustment to bump up to 14.2