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35259860s fittment on Ford 4.6L V-8

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Richard Bond Jr
Blanchard Electric and Fleet Supply
Posts - 61
35259860s fittment on Ford 4.6L V-8

Been led to believe that the 35259860s will fit the Ford 4.6L V-8 (and other Ford modular engines) in the crown vic police application. Is this true? The ears are 8mm threaded on the L/N, not on the OE motorcraft, OE one hole is 8mm, other 2 are 9mm, are we to drill the holes? A couple of our customers have w/success, the rest have returned the product as no fit.

Mark Timerman
Prestolite Electric
Texas, USA
Posts - 595

Good day Dick how the heck are you?? I cannot find anything to validate this rumor and have called my local dealer and they say no. They say that that part number fits Ford UK product and to the best of their knowledge wont fit the crown vic, in fact his exact works were "no way" Any how if you still have more questions call me or Paula. Have a great day

Mark Timerman
Tech service line: 866-288-9853

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