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Do you make a 48V heavy Duty Alternator?

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Do you make a 48V heavy Duty Alternator?

I am looking at a project to adapt a historic breast shot waterwheel to produce hydroelectric power. Essentially I want to generate 48vDC plus a bit to charge twenty four large storage cells (1500Ah) which will supply a number of inverters connected in a parallel array to end up with a 230VAC 50Hz output.

I have used the BLD and BLP series with great success in marine application for power generation at lower voltages and would like to use this frame again if possible. Probably two to four of them operating in parallel to maximise the output, allow some redundancy and possibly to be able to take one out of service for maintenance without shutting the plant down.

So; my question… Do you make a version of the BLD/BLP with a 48v output? If not do you do any other heavy duty alternator with a 48v output?


Arnot Franses

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