M110R2603SE / M110R2604SE OCP Starter Motor – New Product Announcement

Our customers wanted some of our new M110R starter motors with over crank protection, so we did it. Introducing the new M110R starter motors with OCP.

  • M110R2603SE (M110603) is our OCP version of the M110R2615SE (M110615) for Cummins ISX (11.9L), ISM, CAT C12 and C13, and Detroit S60 (11L, 12.7L and 14L).
  • M110R2604SE (M110604) is our OCP version of the M110R2601SE (M110601) for the MBE4000 up to 14L engines on Freightliner, Sterling and Western Star.

The M110R starters are for heavy duty applications and all come standard with indexible flanges and relays, so versatility and power are in one incredible unit. See the attached flyers and product announcements for more details.

FL-1191_M110R2601SE_Starter.pdf1.07 MB
FL-1186_M110R2615SE_Starter.pdf1.35 MB
PA_1022_M110R2615SE.pdf1.81 MB
PA_1023_M110R2601SE.pdf1.15 MB