Prestolite Announces AVi2800 12 Volt, 190 Amp Alternator

Prestolite AVi2800 AlternatorPrestolite is proud to announce the release of the AVi2800 internal fan alternators.

Available in J180 and Pad Mount, these 12 volt, 190 amp units were designed specifically as updated model versions of the 2500/2800 series. High temperature rated, with remote sense capabilities these units are built for today's demanding applications.

Featuring 30 additional amps of power while weighing 30% less, the new AVi2800 are valued additions to our proven AVi line of alternators.

From the flyer:

Leece-Neville 2800 Series alternators have been powering heavy duty applications since the 1990’s. They’ve earned a reputation as solid, stable, workhorse alternators. Featuring both dependability and high output at idle, it has performed exceedingly well in these demanding applications.

Leece-Neville, continuing to work hard to improve and modernize our designs, is proud to announce the successor to the line, the new AVi2800 alternator. Featuring a compact, internal fan design, this unit provides 30 additional amps of power in a package that is 33% lighter than the original 2800.

The AVi2800 has been specifically designed to provide the low RPM power envelope that is required in these types of applications. Built on a platform with millions of over-the-road miles, in some of the harshest environments in North America, the AVi alternator series is the new industry standard.

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