Prestolite Announces AVi555 12 Volt, 170 Amp Alternator

Prestolite AVi555 AlternatorPrestolite is proud to announce the release of the AVi555 line of internal fan alternators.

Available in J180 and Pad Mount* (*4th quarter 2013), these 12 volt, 170 amp units are built for today's heavy duty market.

Features include case ground for simple installation, high temperature rated for hotter running engines, and multiple connection terminals for B+ and ground cables.

From the flyer:

For a generation, the Leece-Neville 555 (triple-nickel) alternators have set a benchmark against which all heavy duty truck alternators have been measured. Unsurpassed in output, durability and reliability, the original triple-nickel alternators have provided our customers with the security of a solid, stable product line that they have been able to trust for over 20 years, with millions of units sold.

Leece-Neville is now building on that proud heritage, and is pleased to announce the release of the new AVi555 alternator. Featuring an internal fan design, this compact unit provides the same maximum output as the original 555 in a package that reduces overall weight by over 16%.

The AVi555 has been designed from the ground up to fit a wide variety of applications, to give our customers the greatest flexibility with the fewest part numbers.

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  • FL1195 AVi555 12 Volt, 170 AMp Product Flyer
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