Receiving notifications of new forum messages

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Receiving notifications of new forum messages

Hello all

If you're receiving this message you have been designated by me as one of the lucky few within Prestolite to be included in the official re-launch of the support forum at [lucky you!].

We've spent the last month or so upgrading the packages we use to drive the forum, with these notable improvements:

  • Much tighter control over spam (woo-hoo)!
  • Better control over which forums you want to monitor, right from your 'My account' page
  • The ability to receive notifications via email or SMS texts to your phone (sorry, right now SMS only works for new forum messages, not comments)
  • Additional back-end features that will allow us keep our customers up-to-date with what's happening within our company

Only users designated as 'moderators' will have access to these notifications initially, although we might open it up later on to the general public once we're sure we don't have any issues.

I plan on holding a couple of web conferences in the coming weeks to give everyone an overview and instructions on how to configure your options.

I'll be deleting this post after a couple of days, as it is viewable by the general public. If you have any questions please respond to this email and RJ and I will receive it.

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