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Prestolite Distributor Listing Now Integrated With Google Maps

Google Maps LogoFirst, let me say something that isn't said nearly often enough. Prestolite Electric has the best, most qualified, most knowledgeable and highly trained aftermarket distribution channel of any company in business today. Period. These are the folks on the front lines (you know who you are), the ones that have been crawling in, under and around the heavy trucks and equipment where you'll find our products. These are the guys and girls that keep the entire world moving, because just about everything you see around you on every single day was, in whole or in part, delivered or handled by one or more of these pieces of equipment. And I just want to say 'Thank you' to everyone out there that works so hard to keep these vehicles up and running.

One of the things we've struggled with over the years is a way to let consumers know where it is they can find this expertise. To address this we've been working hard to update and centralize the information about our distributors, and have now integrated that information with Google Maps on our main website.

You'll find this information where it's always been, at, or follow the top menu on our site to Purchase -> Distributor Locator. However, we've made some improvements to the pages and the data:

  • We simplified the navigation by removing the 'Submit' button and by having the 'State/Province' selection box only appear when needed
  • We sorted the country list according to the number of outlets, so the countries with the greatest number of distributors appear at the top
  • We integrated lists from our sales and accounting groups, and from searching the web to provide the most detailed information we could find
  • We added geo-location information (latitudes and longitudes) to our internal data systems so that we can show these locations on mapping programs like Google Maps

The data encompasses over 700 distributor outlets located in 129 states or provinces from 54 countries all around the globe. You can see an example of what this looks like here:

Prestolite Distributor Map

The project includes a couple of items that have not yet been completed:

  • The ability to further filter the results by company
  • The ability to show any Buying Group affiliation within the results
  • The ability for the consumer to search for the nearest distributors to his/her current location

We hope to have those features added soon. In the meantime, if have any suggestions or see any errors in the information, or if you are one of our distributors and have additional locations that we are not showing please contact me directly by sending an email to dcanfield[at]prestolite[dot]com.

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