Electric Drive-Line Brake Retarders - Charging Circuit Technical Bulletin (TSB-1117)

Electric Drive-Line Retarders Tech BulletinElectric drive-line brake retarders (such as those made by Telma) require cyclical high amperage demands from the battery and alternator when in use. Prestolite Electric recommends alternators with a minimum of 200 amp (12 volt) output for these applications, and in some cases outputs of 270 and 320 amp (12 volt) are required.
However, some OE vehicles (certain Mack Trucks, for example) come equipped with protective circuit breakers rated at 105 amp (12 volt) in the negative circuit near the battery. This can create severe service issues for these vehicles, and may falsely indicate that the alternator is not functioning correctly. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied in most cases.

TSB-1117 is a technical service bulletin with additional details about this issue, and provides details on the recommended wiring and circuit protection sizes required for typical applications.
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