Leece-Neville Announces Upgrade of 8SC/SCJ Alternator Series

FL1095_8SC-SCJ.jpgLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems Division of Prestolite Electric announced today the re-design of its 8SC/SCJ series of alternators, primarily used in the agricultural and off-highway marketplace.


The improvements are centered on the solid lead frame technology that is currently in place on the brushless alternator platform, and in the process of being implemented on the high amperage 4000 series of alternators. The design incorporates a single, solid lead frame that spans the rectifier assembly, and provides for welded connections to the diodes. Additional improvements include high temperature avalanche diodes, high temperature bearings and the use of high temperature wire in the stator windings.


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  • PR_07_03_8SC_SCJ_redesign.pdf - press release
  • FL1095_8SC-SCJ-Series_high_temp_lores.pdf - Flyer with additional details
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