Leece-Neville Announces Upgrade of 4000 Series Alternators

FL1094_4000.jpgLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems Division of Prestolite Electric announced today the re-design of its popular high amperage 4000 series alternators. "We have been the one of the industry leaders in discussing the effects that the new EPA compliant engines have had on operating temperatures under the hood." says Scott Miller, Director of Aftermarket Sales. "We started upgrading our products to live in these high temperatures before the first round of those new engines hit the road in the fall of 2002. Our high amp, 4000 series alternators are already rated for 110°C applications, but we know that 2007 and 2010 engines are going to be even hotter. We can’t afford to rest there, we know that we have to get these alternators ready to survive in applications up to 125°C."


The design changes include the implementation of a solid lead frame design for both internal and external rectifiers that are used in the 200, 270 and 320 amp versions of the 4000 series alternators. The design of these lead frames greatly reduces the number of wiring connection points within the alternator. These connection points will now become permanently welded or will be part of the mechanical assembly of the alternator. This design greatly increases the alternators resistance to high temperatures and vibration.


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