Leece-Neville Announces New Titan brand gear reduced starter motors

PG1007_Titan125.jpgLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems Division of Prestolite Electric announced today the release of the Titan™ Series of heavy duty, in-line gear reduced starter motors. "Our complete line of 12 volt gear reduced starter motors will be marketed under the Titan™ brand in North America", says Eric Bippus, Vice President of Worldwide Aftermarket Sales. "The Titan™ series reflects our global commitment to advanced engineering in our core business, producing the highest quality rotating electrical components specifically designed for the heavy duty marketplace."


The initial release of the Titan™ series will include models in the 101, 105 and 125 mm frame size. The three sizes will provide coverage for the most popular heavy duty diesel engines in 12 volt applications ranging from 6 to 16 liter. The flagship of the new line, the Titan™125, is a 125mm starter that was engineered from the ground up for the largest of these engines.


"We recognized in 2005 that there was a need for an in-line, gear reduced starter that would be capable of cranking future big bore diesel engines. We understood, through our relationships with all of the major diesel engine manufacturers, that the EPA mandates of 2007 and 2010 would be placing additional demands on the starting / charging environments in all heavy diesels, and especially in the 15-16 liter range," says Bippus. "We set out to create a 'best of breed' starter that would encompass the most advanced features currently available, and have the power to crank these new diesel engines in the most demanding environments. The Titan™125 has been in fleet tests from Alaska to Australia since early in 2006 with outstanding results, we know that we’ve got a product that is head and shoulders above anything else that is currently available."


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