No-Idle System Advanced Troubleshooting Guide - MC-615-PACKIT - TSB-1058

TSB-1058 MC-615 regulatorThe MC-615-PACKIT is an advanced voltage regulator that has been designed to meet the demanding needs of today's high technology dynamic electrical systems. These systems, the primary use of which are most often referred to as a 'No-Idle' system, are being used on some of the most advanced heavy duty truck designs on the road today. The MC-615 regulator constantly monitors the operating temperatures and voltage of the batteries, while also managing the alternator and monitoring its temperature. The controller regulates the voltage of the alternator for the specific battery type chosen by the vehicle manufacturer, and charges the batteries in three seperate stages.

Along with this advanced technology, however, comes increased complexity when diagnosing problems within the system. This 14 page guide walks you through the steps required to effectively troubleshoot any system that has the MC-615-PACKIT installed.

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