Prestolite M125 12 Volt Starter Motor Flyer

Prestolite M125 StarterWe have released a new flyer for the 12 volt versions of the Titan M125 starter motors.

Prestolite Announces AVi555 12 Volt, 170 Amp Alternator

Prestolite AVi555 AlternatorPrestolite is proud to announce the release of the AVi555 line of internal fan alternators.

Available in J180 and Pad Mount* (*4th quarter 2013), these 12 volt, 170 amp units are built for today's heavy duty market.

Features include case ground for simple installation, high temperature rated for hotter running engines, and multiple connection terminals for B+ and ground cables.

From the flyer:

For a generation, the Leece-Neville 555 (triple-nickel) alternators have set a benchmark against which all heavy duty truck alternators have been measured. Unsurpassed in output, durability and reliability, the original triple-nickel alternators have provided our customers with the security of a solid, stable product line that they have been able to trust for over 20 years, with millions of units sold.

Leece-Neville is now building on that proud heritage, and is pleased to announce the release of the new AVi555 alternator. Featuring an internal fan design, this compact unit provides the same maximum output as the original 555 in a package that reduces overall weight by over 16%.

The AVi555 has been designed from the ground up to fit a wide variety of applications, to give our customers the greatest flexibility with the fewest part numbers.

M110R2606SE - New Product Announcement

M110R2606SE Starter MotorLeece-Neville North America releases new M110R2606SE starter motor for Navistar MaxxForce 11 & 13 liter engines. You can download a pdf of the product announcement here:

The M105R2052SE Starter Motor Has Made its way to the Market-NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT!

M105R2052SEThis 12V, fixed nosed, starter is now available for the Mack MP7 and Volvo D11 product lines. It displays the IMS/soft start relay with a maximum engine displacement of 11L. When ordering, reference sales # M105352. See the attached flyer and product announcement for more details.

The 35259840 Starter Motor is Being Replaced by the M105R2517SE-NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT!

M105R2517SEThe M105R2517SE is replacing the 35259840 Motor. This 12V Starter can be mounted on the International Bus engine. All of the M105R starters have IMS/soft start relay. When ordering, reference sales # M105617. Contact your sales representative for more information. See the attached flyer and product announcement for more details.

The 35262430S Starter Motor is Being Replaced by the M105R2503SE-NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT!

M105R2503SEThe M105R2503SE is replacing the 35262430S. This application is for the International Buses and Medium Duty Truck force with VT-365 V8 6.0L/Maxxforce 7 6.4L Engines. The Titan 105 can be ordered by referencing sales # M105603. See the attached flyer and product announcement for more details.


Mike Davis, Senior Technical Service Representative for Prestolite Electric (Leece Neville) received an award and recognition from Paschall Truck Lines Inc. (PTL). He was named to PTL’s Maintenance Vendor Hall of Fame for 2011; consistently demonstrating traits of professionalism, technical expertise and continual support of PTL’s quest for excellence.

Working closely with PTL service technicians, Mike worked diligently to solve issues specific to the charging system, but not related to the heavy duty, high amperage alternators manufactured by Prestolite Electric (Leece Neville) and specified on the PTL Navistar Class 8 trucks.

The system changes implemented by Mike and the PTL team generated a six figure cost savings, resulting in a significant bottom line improvement. PTL’s resolution to their problem is an illustration of the Prestolite focus on customer support, truly living up to PTL’s quest for excellence. The entire global Prestolite team congratulates Mike, an exemplary team member driven to exceed customer expectations.

M110R Starter Motor Quick Cross Reference Guide

With the launch of our new M110R starter motors, we have created a cross reference chart for your convenience. M110R Starter Motor Quick Cross Reference Guide

  • The front of the chart is arranged by our M110R part number with the respective competitor cross reference numbers.
  • The back of the chart is arranged by the competitor numbers with our respective M110R part number.

Now you can easily see the cross reference for any model at a glance. Just download the flyer number FL1192 and post it on your counter for quick reference.

M110R2603SE / M110R2604SE OCP Starter Motor – New Product Announcement

Our customers wanted some of our new M110R starter motors with over crank protection, so we did it. Introducing the new M110R starter motors with OCP.

  • M110R2603SE (M110603) is our OCP version of the M110R2615SE (M110615) for Cummins ISX (11.9L), ISM, CAT C12 and C13, and Detroit S60 (11L, 12.7L and 14L).
  • M110R2604SE (M110604) is our OCP version of the M110R2601SE (M110601) for the MBE4000 up to 14L engines on Freightliner, Sterling and Western Star.

The M110R starters are for heavy duty applications and all come standard with indexible flanges and relays, so versatility and power are in one incredible unit. See the attached flyers and product announcements for more details.

M110R2601SE Starter Motor - New Product Announcement

M110R2601SEWe are pleased to announce the launch of a new model of the M110R starter motor. The M110R2601SE is a 12V, 7kW starter designed to fit the Freightliner, Sterling and Western Star MBE4000 engines.
See the attached flyer and product announcement for more details.