Thomas Built BusThomas Built Bus awarded Prestolite Electric (Leece Neville) the Gold Award at the Thomas Built Bus Supplier Conference which took place in Greensboro, NC on September 12-14 2011. Prestolite was one of fifteen suppliers to earn this honor out of the top 100 suppliers.

The categories scored were: warranty, purchasing, quality and logistics. Prestolite (Leece Neville) performed outstanding in all the categories, joining the other chosen suppliers supporting Thomas Bus’s manufacturing goals.

Prestolite (Leece Neville) was also one of four finalists in the Supplier of the Year.

Thomas Built Bus is one of North America's leading bus manufacturers, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimler company and the largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America.

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Prestolite / Leece-Neville Buyers Guide 2011 now available for download!

2011 Buyers GuideAn updated 2011 version of our popular Buyers Guide is now available for download. The new version features additional information about the M105 starter motor and the AVI160 series of alternators.

One of the improved features of the guide is a reference showing all available clocking positions for each of the Titan 105 and Titan 125 starter motors (see page 45).

As always please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

M110R2615SE Starter Motor - New Product Announcement

M110R2615SEWe are pleased to announce the launch of a new model of the M110R starter motor. The M110R2615SE is a 12V, 7kW starter designed to fit the Cummins ISX(11.9L), ISM and N14 engines, CAT C12, C13, and Detroit S60 (11L, 12.7L, 14L).

See the attached flyer and product announcement for more details.

M110R2602SE Starter Motor - New Product Announcement

M110R2602SEWe are pleased to announce the launch of a new model of the M110R starter motor. The M110R2602SE is a 12V, 7kW starter designed to fit the Mack MP8 and Volvo D13 engines.

See the attached flyer and product announcement for more details.


100 YearsPrestolite Electric (Leece-Neville) is celebrating 100 years of manufacturing in the USA. Founded in 1911 as Electric Autolite, the company produced generators to power early day auto lamps. First OE customers were Studebaker, Packard and Indiana Buggy Works.

From the early 1920's through the 1960's the company had such firsts as: Low Maintenance Batteries, Resistor Spark Plugs, Solid State Ignition Systems and a Fully Submersible Ignition. The product range was expanded to include Starting Motors, Regulators, Wire and Cable Products.

Over the years following, a strategy was evolving to position Prestolite Electric (Leece-Neville) into a global manufacturer of starters and alternators. The 80's saw the acquisition of the Leece-Neville Sheller Corp. and Butec Limited, Leyland, England. In 1998 the Company added Lucas, expanding the manufacturing footprint to Argentina and South Africa. That same year the alternator division of Motorola, located in Arcade, New York was acquired. The latest center of excellence was formed in 2000: the joint venture in Beijing, China forming Prestolite Electric Beijing Limited.

Prestolite Electric's (Leece-Neville) Arcade facility, located in New York, is the last remaining high-volume manufacturer of starters and alternators located in the USA. "We are here for the long-term, supporting our military and our regional and multi-national customers. We are a key part of the strategies our customers have shared with us." said Tony Wong, Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Quality.

"One Voice, One Family, One Company" is our motto. Whether it is our manufacturing locations in the USA, China, Argentina or the UK, Prestolite strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. The silos we operated in are a thing of the past. We are truly a global organization, with the benefits passing through to our customers." added Joe Lefave, President and CEO of Prestolite Electric Inc.

Prestolite Leece-Neville North America Investing in the Future with It's Realignment Plan

filenamePrestolite Leece-Neville is undergoing major improvements in it's North American Division which are designed to launch the division to becoming an even stronger OE manufacturing facility. “Due to customer inputs and suggestions, we were able to identify key areas where we could make a much more positive impact,” said Tony Wong, Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Quality.

“We restructured North America into one Team,” says Tony, “with new leadership in our Arcade manufacturing facility.” Prestolite Leece-Neville’s production teams have always had a good reputation with customers for their efforts and experience, and with a new IDEA (Improved Development with Employee Assistance) program their suggestions have led to countless improvements in quality, production flow, safety and cost savings. To optimize sub-assembly process flow the Kanban material system has been implemented, resulting in better process flow and raw material allocations.

The entire facility is receiving an internal face-lift, with emphasis on cleaner, safer and more efficient assembly areas. SPC has become the driving force for quality throughout the plant and the Continuous Improvement efforts have kicked into a higher gear.

“There has been investment in new gauging and testing technologies” added Tony, “and a considerable amount of new equipment implementation to improve our present capabilities.” There’s even the addition of the Project Room for the disciplined project management teams. “We’re making major strides towards a best in class company that can truly respond to our customer’s growing needs.”

New Product Announcement: M105R Starter Motor

filenameWe are pleased to announce the launch of a new model of the M105R starter motor. The M105602 is designed to fit International DT466, 530,570, Maxxforce DT9/10 engines. Cummins ISC and ISL, as well as, Caterpillar 3208 power plants. See the attached flyer for more details.

Titan 125 12 V Starter Motor - New Features, New Wiring Instructions

filenameThe Titan 125 12 volt starter motor has been updated for 2010. Our flagship gear reduced starter motor is under a constant quality improvement regimen to maintain its position as the strongest, most durable heavy duty starter on the market.

Most of these improvements are 'under the hood' and will be transparent to installer and end users, but one feature that we know will help in many applications is the new set up for the mag switch relay. We've moved it toward the front of the solenoid to reduce vibration, and we've mounted it on a rotatable flange that will make the starter much easier to install in those tight locations.

We've also been including an OCP bypass plug with this unit for some time now, but in typical Leece-Neville fashion have not made a big deal about it. The Titan 125 starters have OCP (Over-crank protection) built into the internal wiring of the motor itself, making an external connection unnecessary. This means that on those trucks that have an existing wiring circuit for an OCP bypass, when you pull off the old starter you'll have a two wire harness that won't have a place to plug into the Titan 125. For those cases we've included a bypass cap that will plug into this harness to complete the circuit.

That's right, we throw one into every box. Well, you're welcome!

Anyway, to find out more you can download the technical bulletin below or get all of the M125 detailed specifications, cross references and related materials on the main product page.

Make sure you let us know if you have any questions or comments.

AVI160T Installation Instructions for International CityStar and LCF

filenameWe have created a detailed installation sheet (TSB-1142) that shows step-by-step instructions for installing our new 230 amp, 12 volt AVI160 internal fan alternator on an International CityStar truck.

The AVI160T2002-3 is supplied with the mounting adapter kit that may be necessary to complete the installation. The installation sheet is complete with photographs from an actual installation performed by one of our field application specialists.

As always please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Leece-Neville Announces Schol Bus Buyer's Guide Catalog

We are pleased to announce the publication of the new 2010 Buyer's Guide focused on the Bus Market in the US and Canada. An abbreviated version of our 2010 Alternator and Starter Motor Buyer's Guide, the catalog focuses on School Bus and Motorcoach applications for the US. With plenty of information specific to bus applications, the guide includes a look at the evolution of our products for this market, a sizing guide recommendation chart for alternators, a guide for starter motor nose housing rotations, along with plenty of product information and a supersedence chart.