TecDoc Certified Data Supplier

TecDoc Certified Data SupplierPrestolite Electric has been awarded the Certified Quality Data Supplier status by TecDoc, the leading supplier of electronic spare parts information for the European market.

We are thrilled to be a supplier to TecDoc, and will be included in the next electronic catalogue publication due out on 6 July, 2009. This has been a substantial international project for us, and reflects our continuing commitment to the European marketplace.

Joseph Lefave New Prestolite President and CEO - 8 June 2009

Org Chart ImageWe are pleased to announce that Joseph Lefave has joined Prestolite Electric as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Joe has an impressive track record acquired over 20 years in operations and general management positions worldwide. Prior to joining the team at Prestolite, Joe was President and CEO of Precision Parts International, a leading supplier of fineblanked and conventionally stamped components for automotive and industrial applications.

Joe has also held leadership positions with Magna, Volkswagen, and GM. You can read more about this by downloading the official announcement below.

AVI160T (12 volt, 230 amp) - New Alternator Announcement

AVI160TLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Sytems Division of Prestolite Electric is thrilled to announce the release of several new alternators:

AVI160T2002 (available now!)
AVI160T2001 (available in June)

These two models are T-mount configurations of a brand new family of heavy duty, internal fan alternators designed and built from the ground up by our advanced engineering teams in Plymouth, MI and Arcade, NY.

Designed specifically for aftermarket installations on Ford F & E series chassis, along with Navistar LCF vehicles, they provide plenty of additional output required by demanding applications such as construction, shuttle bus and emergency vehicles.

Showing private branded product details on our product detail webpages

No Sale ImageAs a supplier to a wide variety of OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers), it is not unusual for us to provide products to them under their private brand or using a private label. Typically under such an agreement any aftermarket sales would go through the service (OES) channel for that particular OEM.

OK, in plain English, let's say that you have a heavy duty tractor that needs a new alternator. You get the number off the unit, do a quick Google search and find that we are the original manufacturer. You contact one of our distributors, only to have us tell them that we can't sell them the part, and that you'll need to contact a dealership or service center that is an authorized representative for that original OEM in order to get a replacement.

This has been more than a little frustrating to consumers and distributors alike. Not so much because they need to go through the OES channel, but that we didn't show that initially. There's nothing worse than someone showing you a product on a website and then telling you that you can't have it.

So here's what we're going to do to fix that.

The first problem here is that we haven't been showing the private brand detail on our specification pages for those products on our website. To address this we are now flagging those items that are labeled 'Private Brand' within our systems, and showing that information on the detail sheet on the website:

Private Brand Image

So, now you may be wondering, if it's a private branded unit why do we have to contact you, why can't you just tell us where to get it? The first thing to realize is that we have varying degrees of private branding. Two quick examples:

  • A customer wants us to place their product number on the label of a product that we already manufacture, to make it easier for them to utilize the product through their systems. There are no contractual agreements, it's just a special label that has their part number on it.
  • Another customer wants us to make something completely unique for them, and agrees to invest in tooling so that we can manufacture that product. Our engineers work with their engineers to create a unique product, that we agree to sell only to them. This company has a substantial investment in getting this product to market, and wants to make sure that they are the only ones that will have access to it.

The way we track these two different scenarios within our systems makes it difficult to give a generic answer that will always be correct for all cases. We have added additional functionality to those systems to address this, and we are working to show that information to you on the website.

Soon we will be able to show which customer the product was originally private labeled for, and in those cases where there are generic aftermarket products available for the private labeled product we will show them and create links to their information.

Prestolite Distributor Listing Now Integrated With Google Maps

Google Maps LogoFirst, let me say something that isn't said nearly often enough. Prestolite Electric has the best, most qualified, most knowledgeable and highly trained aftermarket distribution channel of any company in business today. Period. These are the folks on the front lines (you know who you are), the ones that have been crawling in, under and around the heavy trucks and equipment where you'll find our products. These are the guys and girls that keep the entire world moving, because just about everything you see around you on every single day was, in whole or in part, delivered or handled by one or more of these pieces of equipment. And I just want to say 'Thank you' to everyone out there that works so hard to keep these vehicles up and running.

One of the things we've struggled with over the years is a way to let consumers know where it is they can find this expertise. To address this we've been working hard to update and centralize the information about our distributors, and have now integrated that information with Google Maps on our main website.

Alternator Product Numbering in the US - What does it mean?

Part confusion imageWe get asked from time-to-time how we came to have such a creative part numbering system.


OK, in truth it usually comes out more along the lines of 'How on earth could you guys have taken something that should be so simple and turned it into such a mess?'. Well, believe it or not, we actually have a [good reason] [logical explanation] excuse.


Call it what you will, we can explain most of it, and have written a technical bulletin that describes in detail what most of our US alternator product numbering means and from where it came.


Electric Drive-Line Brake Retarders - Charging Circuit Technical Bulletin (TSB-1117)

Electric Drive-Line Retarders Tech BulletinElectric drive-line brake retarders (such as those made by Telma) require cyclical high amperage demands from the battery and alternator when in use. Prestolite Electric recommends alternators with a minimum of 200 amp (12 volt) output for these applications, and in some cases outputs of 270 and 320 amp (12 volt) are required.
However, some OE vehicles (certain Mack Trucks, for example) come equipped with protective circuit breakers rated at 105 amp (12 volt) in the negative circuit near the battery. This can create severe service issues for these vehicles, and may falsely indicate that the alternator is not functioning correctly. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied in most cases.

New 220 and 245 Amp (12/14 volt) High Output, High Temperature Alternators Available!

220, 245 amp alternatorsLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems Division of Prestolite Electric announced today the addition of alternators with outputs of 220 amp and 245 amp (12 volt) to its line of popular high amperage 4000 series alternators. "The new models, available in both J180 and Pad mount design, fill a gap in our current lineup of high output alternators." says Jim Beirne, Executive VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing. "The new models incorporate all of the best design features our customers have come to expect in our alternators, including very high output at idle and the ability to run in high temperature environments. Best of all, we have been able to leverage manufacturing efficiencies utilizing our solid lead frame design to allow us to reduce the price of these units."