Motorola on Ford industrial power unit

We have a Ford diesel industrial power unit running a pump. It has a Motorola alternator and and tach. The wiring is pretty messed up but I think the alternator runs the tach.
I want to replace the alternator and keep the Motorola tach operational. Do you have a one wire unit that will do this?
The engine is a 256 cu 4 cyl.diesel made in the fifties or sixty's?? I can not read all the alternator numbers but here is what I think I am seeing.

Motorola - 37 amp
Model - 8AS 2046f (could be 8HA)or something else??
The number 9616 is there and also ITA 1110346A ??

The regulator is Model - 8RH 2002 - S/N - 3746

Thanks for any help you can give me. Have a nice day.

Dan Hiscock

Frequency of Leece-Neville alternator

I have two Leece-Neville alternators and am purchasing a new tachometer. The suppliers I am speaking to need to know the pulse and frequency/hertz output of the alternators. I believe both alternators are 12 pulse but have no idea about the frequency.

The alternators are 8MR2198L and 8MR2401UA. I have the second one as spare.

I greatly appreciate the assistance.

PS: can I request a reply to my e-mail at thanks!!

110-555 vs 110-444

I used to stock 110-555 alternators then my supplier switched to a 110-444; They told me they were relatively the same except the 110-444 is 150 Amp & 8-1/4 on mounts where as the 110-555 is 130Amp & 9" on mounts. Is that about all the diference or are there other functional differences?

2800LC with remote sensing

My question is regarding a 2800LC which has been converted for remote sensing. The sensing wire is hooked in down stream of the sure power isolator. With the engine running at 800 RPMs and a load on the system I have the following voltage readings:

Alt. B+=13.80v

Isolator A post [input]=13.79v

Isolator post #1&#2 [outputs] each show 12.79v

Alt.sensing wire terminal @ the alt shows 13.80v ??

I have not removed the regulator to check that the conversion is correct. Can you tell me what would cause the sensing terminal to show higher voltage than the actual load? I have checked that the alt. B+ lead goes directly to the A post of the isolator and it is the only lead connected to that post.

Can you also supply me with a schematic of the remote sensing  conversion for this alt.?

Thank You, Jack  


We run a fleet of 50 yachts in the caribbean. A lot of our engines are fitted with two what we knew were Morotola alternators with the regulator at the back with the two spade connectors one for excite the other for sense. The lastest I could buy were the Leece-Neville with the self regulating one on the back. - sales number 105-280 model 8RG2043. I need a lot more of these what shall I buy and where from?


output voltage

what is the voltage output from a24 volt alternator

need alternator for cape dory 30 foot sailboat volvo md7a 1980

I own a Cape Dory 30 foot sailboat with a volvo MD7A engine.
I'm wondering what my options are regarding replacing the
alternator. I think its puts out 35 amps and I would like to
replace it with a (around) 65 amp unit. Of course I need a voltage
regulator - I assume that would be part of the unit.

Upgrade for Cummins 6.7 diesel

Looking for an upgrade to the stock 136 amp alternator for an 07 Dodge Ram 2500, with the 6.7 cummins motor. Truck is used top plow with, and already have been through one alternator, would like to upgrade to at least 160, but would like to do some overkill with at least a 200amp.

Thank you

Alternator CV70291

I hope you can assist us please

Ref our alternator part number CV70291 ,your ref 66021490

We have a customer trying to determine the identity of the terminals aon
this unit
Wouls you have an illustration or wiring diagram that could help?

many thanks
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