alternator question

Will an alternator run an electric motor?

number of alternator poles

I am replacing the tach in my boat and need to know the number of poles in my Sierra 18-5956 alternator. any suggestions?

Alternator application

I have old stock of an 858693z alternator which I believe is now a 66021507 but I can't find what it fits. I think it may have been Council refuse trucks but not sure. Can you help, Thanks. MDS.

Alt. specs

I have a 12V Alt. on my boat which shows Prestolite Elec. Inc. BRC 2008A 146A. Could you give me all the specs for this ie. output, etc. and does it have a built in regulator.

prestolite alt.

I have a Pretolite alt. # aly8420LF How do I know if it has a built-in regulator??



I have a 7704JA alternator with an adjustable regulator (says Replaces Leece Neville 77973-14V  ??). I had it rebuilt some 7000 miles ago and since last summer it has been charging very intermittently. When it does charge, I get a full 14 volts form it. I'm moving down the highway and notice my voltage slipping to 11 volts and lower. All of a sudden the alt kicks in and brings it up to 14 volts, but only for a little while.

Last eve, it wouldn't even kick in. The batteries have a full charge since they are on a trickle charger all the time.

This alternator has a pigtail (12-14 guage wire) from the voltage regulator. I noticed that even with the ignition off, this wire is energized. If this remains on with engine not running, is there a posibility of causing damage to the regulator or alternator?

Even more, I have added a 5 kW inverter to my RV. I would say I have never demanded more than 1000 watts from it at any one time and only for a few minutes, but maybe I should step up to a 200 amp?

If I were to replace to a larger unit, what alt would be the sollution. Size and all. Thank you for your help.



I have a Leece Neville Alternator with the following Number on the Tag - A0012126AA 32 volts 60 amps can someone help with a replacement Alternator or Parts to Repair



Alternator wirng

What is the small box of wiring attached to the alternator? I snapped off one of the leads and can't find out what is called.

selenoid switch

selenoid switch

Do you know anything about this alternator?

I have two Leece Neville alternators on my boat. The name plate on one says Model BRG2019 AF, Amps 5, Volts 12, 200603, Sales No. 105-215. There is no information on the site regarding this model. Can you provide any information?