66021535/type as128e /12volt 90 amp alternator

require parts breakdown,overhaul and testing info for as128e/66021535,90 amp/12volt alt and where i can get parts.Thanks chris nicholls

Period from till when manufactured

Can you tell me from what date till what date was this leece neville altenator manufactured for international truck parts. Part # 357949?-91, 200009

Volvo Diesel - Prestolite 8MR2050FA Alternator

I just purchased two rebuilt Volvo Penta TAMD41B engines for my boat. I completed the installation a few weeks ago. The engine builder installed new Prestolite 8MR2050FA alternators on the engines.


The wiring harnesses and gauge panels are new volvo parts. Both of the alternators go to 14.2 volts when the engines are started and stay there. I have only run the engines for 2 hours due to this problem. They both generate a battery alarm (audible and flashing light) on the Volvo panel.


I have checked all connections at the alternator and they are tight. I ran a remote ground wirte directly to the battery last weekend. This did not fix the problem.


I have to increase the engine rpms initially to get the tachs to register rpms. The tachs are driven off the alternator.  


1. Could the engine builder have installed some of the wiring incorrectly? 


2. Do you know what I can do to correct these problems?


Thank you,




Here is an update on 12/18/08. I was hoping to get an answer before the weekend so I try to fix these alternators. 


Here is the comparison of the Volvo connections and how the factory wiring diagram is and what I believe is the Prestolite connections.





W goes to W terminal on tach

B+ goes to starter motor and to pin #3 on relay

D goes to ground and oil pressure sender

51 goes to printed circuit board on dash panel.


Prestolite Alternator




B+ goes to starter motor

B- goes to ground

Excitation - separate - uses Packard connection.


I think the D+ might be the warning light. I don´t know what the AC is used for.


I will trace the wires this weekend on how the builder put it together.


The units indicate 14.2 volts as soon as I start the engines and the audible and battery alarm lights flash. I can silence the audible alarm but the flashing light stays on and the volt meter stays at 14.2.



2800 JB Drawings

We are installing a new PTO governor on a 1986 Mack rescue truck. We need to find what is being described as the small positive terminal on the alternator – exact verbiage from the installation manual is as follows:

Connect the red alternator cable wire to the small positive (+) terminal on the alternator. (Some names used for this terminal: Alternator Tap, Stator Tap, A/C Tap, Tachometer Signal Connection, Tach Output, Tach Terminal.) Do not connect the red wire to the large battery (BAT) terminal. Connect the black wire to chassis ground.

The current alternator is a 2800JB 160 amp unit. I have looked at all of the drawings I can find on your web page and don’t find any that specifically use any of the verbiage above.
Can you please help identify the correct tap as we would like to make sure we are using the correct output.



help with old altinater setup

hi i have a old setup in my classic boat the alt uses external regulters the termanals on the rear is white with letter "n" on it then two red with letter "o" and other with letter "f" now is the a wiring diagram showing what letter goes were please my regulater has 3 pins one has letter "i" other is a ground then other is a "f"

Northern lights generator and leece neville alternator

I have a Nothern lights generator with a 24v alternator. The old alternator was over charing the batteries and the alternator i have in my spares is a leece neville model 8HC3022FS with regulator model 8RG3028 24v 35A.

The engine loom has an excitation wire which was connected to the old alternator. The wire has around 26v on it when then engine is running.

Where do I, if required, connect this to my new leece neville alternator/regulator, is there a excitation terminal which this should be connected to, to switch the alternator on and off?

Thanks in advance

leece neville 8hc3022fs wiring


I have a northern lights generator which I am replacing the alternaotr witha leece neville 8hc3022fs.

When it comes to wiring i need to know whether the stator has a diode fitted??



Prestolite 51 amp alternator

I've pulled my alternator for the winter and would like to do some tests to see exactly how well it is working. Took it to a electric shop but we couldn't figure how to connect it where it would work.
B+ was an obvious post. We grounded the case. What other connections need to be made? Field voltage? I have the schematic. What do EXC and SEW refer to?
Thanks for your help.

250, 275 amps

can you make or is there such thing as a 250 amp or 270 amp alt, with an 18 volt output on the dc side? for a 1997 chevy suburban 5.7 v8. thank you

A0013032AA Military Alternator

The data plate shows this to be a 28 volt 100 amp output alternator. Could you please give me the RPM required for this output? Also, do you offer a bi-directional cooling fan for this alternator? Thanks