alternater 8lhp

Replaced a moterola alt with 8LHP of yours. Neg ground sys. hooked bat wire to pos terminal, hooked other wire to middle diode post. installed new batterys at the same time. No sparks when hooking up battery cables. Alt light stays on. voltmeter reeds 12.54 with nothing on or running. reads 12.22 with tractor running. what is wrong?Luke Stricker 785-846-8027or

Voltage Regulator Leads

I am replacing an incorrect alternator, installed on a used Case 850 Crawler Loader I recently purchased, with an OEM rebuilt alternator and a Prestolite 8RH3016K   24 Volt (200802) (Sales No. 105-177)(Amps 4) regulator.  The previous owner cut the connectors off the wiring harness and old regulator, and my Case service manual is not in agreement with the location and color of the wires from the 8Rh3016K Regulator, which are Green,Red and Black.  Can you please tell me which wire goes  where.  My manual has one to the Oil pressure switch, one to ground on the alternator, and one to the field terminal. Thanks, JoeR 

2000 Foretravel starter switch

I have a 2000 Foretravel U320 40 foot Motorhome and I am having a problem with the switch that transfers and adds current from the house batteries. I think that it has something to do with the alternator. I think that the alternator has a diode that may be bad. Can any one confirm that on a Foretravel.
Thanks J.R.

High amp 12 volt alternators

I work for TAS Distributing, Inc. We manufacture and sell Temp-A-Start, a start/stop system for diesel engines, to the trucking mindustry. We are developing a battery powered air conditioner which we can operate and sell as part of the Temp-A-Start system. We will be using Deka agm or gel sealed batteries and they tell us these batteries can acept a high amp charge rate. We need a high amp alterator. We have visited with Eco-Tech and they tell us they can provide us with an alternator that will produce 240 amps at idle. Do you have anything like this available. If you do, please send me any information that you have available. I would also like to know price and sources from which I can purchase your alternators.

Gary Krofchalk

2824jb alternator duvac question

hello... my chassis batteries are pulling 3.5 amps (engine off), it is the duvac wire that is drawing the current..the wire is terminated at the pos 12v solonoid post, any advice on why the alternator is pulling amps would be greatly appreciated ... thank you, Jim



320amp A0014890JB alternator

can I convert this unit to a remote regulator to charge 2 banks of batteries, each with 4 batteries, and what will I need?

alternator replace

Please what alternator Prestolite for replace
item Hitachi 12v 25 amp instaled in my Yanmar Marine YSE8 year 1976 with external regulator. Thanks


where can i find an alternator leece neville# 5060GA6 ?



I sent a new message a couple of days ago on another subject and haven't got an answer yet asking you for information on part numbers or a parts breakdown for the AVI144S3001 (24V - 110A) because we are having trouble with three of this alternators. I'd really appreciate if you could help me out with this so we can buy from you the parts we need as soon as possible to solve the problem to our clients.

Thanks in advance for your attention.


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