leece neville 8hc3022fs wiring


I have a northern lights generator which I am replacing the alternaotr witha leece neville 8hc3022fs.

When it comes to wiring i need to know whether the stator has a diode fitted??



Prestolite 51 amp alternator

I've pulled my alternator for the winter and would like to do some tests to see exactly how well it is working. Took it to a electric shop but we couldn't figure how to connect it where it would work.
B+ was an obvious post. We grounded the case. What other connections need to be made? Field voltage? I have the schematic. What do EXC and SEW refer to?
Thanks for your help.

250, 275 amps

can you make or is there such thing as a 250 amp or 270 amp alt, with an 18 volt output on the dc side? for a 1997 chevy suburban 5.7 v8. thank you

A0013032AA Military Alternator

The data plate shows this to be a 28 volt 100 amp output alternator. Could you please give me the RPM required for this output? Also, do you offer a bi-directional cooling fan for this alternator? Thanks

8SC3018VA w/ 8RL3013A Wiring Diagram?

I've got a 8SC3018VA alternator with a 8RL3013A voltage regulator and I'm not sure how to wire it up.


tach hookup

I have a leece neville altenator I believe it is a model 2700J LTR#7612 130 Amp with a 102200 regulator. I am wanting to hook up a tach to the Altenator tap(stator). I am unsure of which terminal this is and would like help in locating it. Also the number of poles in this altenator to help with calibration. Thanks John K.

Alternator 8RG2043


I need to find & buy 1 or 2 alternators.
the marking on the plate is as follow :

MODEL 8RG2043 5Amp
SALES N° 105-280

Couln't find it on the website.

Could you please help, to find it, and where to buy it from ?

thank you


Function of diode trio in voltage regulators

What is the function of the diode trio found on some alternators (2300/2500JB, for example)

Trouble on alternator 8MR2035T regulator 8RG2019

Good evening,
I have a 8MR2035T alternator with 8RG2019 regulator mounted on a Yanmar 4JH3E marine engine.
While servicing the engine, the wire leading to the Batterie sense spade lug was broken by the mechanics.
I did'nt notice this and we ran the engine to test it.
Later on, starting to cruise, I found that the alternator was no longer charging the battery.
I repaired the broken wire but the alternator output was not more than 7 amps.
As far as I understand, the 8MR is self-excited through a diode trio. Could the lack of a reference have damaged the regulator?
Thanks for your answer.
jean viallard

AS128 24v 55A Wiring Diagram


Could you please direct me to a wiring diagram for AS128 24V 55A 660 215 07. Is this machine or batt sensing and can I adjust the output voltage on this unit. Application is maring, charging two banks through diode splitter.