Leece-Neville regulator

I would like to update the regulator on my 1961 B Mack. Currently there is a Leece-Neville 3476-R6 regulator, 14 volt, 125 amp, positive ground. What is a good replacement for this?

8LHA2023Y what amp output?

I have figured out wiring, but have no idea what this large alternator puts out for amps. It is replacing a 70 amp Motorola, which wasn't enough. I now have this Leece*Nevelle, bracketed and wire connected, it was building from 14.2 volts upon start-up and climbing. I only ran it 10 minutes, the 70 old amp alt never got above 13.5 connecting the three 185 amp hour, Rolls batteries.

Obviously, the original glue stick-on labels identifying name, model, and dimensions, fell off from over the years making it difficult to identify this alternator. Thankfully, the previous owner etched a model number on the body of the alternator, but only that. I had to gleen the web to find myself here.

I'd like to know what this alt output is rated at? Anyone know? 8LHA2023Y

Wiring diagram needed.

I believe I have a Leece*Neville, Model 8LHA2023Y as it was scribed by hand into the alt. body by the previous owner.

The alternator was removed from the 1977 Perkins 4108 marine diesel eng and sent out to be refurbished over a year ago. I need now to install it back onto the Perkins. I need to know the wiring diagram. Unlike some of the later 8LH series, mine is more similar to the current 8LHP2170V.
looking at the back of my alt, there are 3 terminal posts on top, the NEG OUT on left, POS OUT on right and a single terminal post at the bottom.

I am aware that one wire will connect for the tachometer and the other to the ignition switch, and of course Neg to the block and Pos to the battery, assuming this is correct. I need to know which terminal post is for tach and which is for ign.

Can you help me?

Thank You........Steve

identification? and troubleshooting

I believe I have 4000 series, there are no markings (tags) on the altenator but it looks like the 4000 series. It is on my RV and older crown school bus I am sure it was an aftermarket.

It does not seem to charge at low rpms, it does put out some voltage at idle but very low (everything dim). I will check the idle output voltage today. The dash volt meter reads 11V when running and battery disconnected.

First I would like to verify the existing wiring. The + - are obvious. The (ign?) terminal has a wire running back into the body of the altenator. I am only guessing this is the (ign) terminal from the position on the regulator - there are no markings. I want to know if this is correct wiring or something special? Except for the +- connections there are no other wires attached.

Altimately my goal is to have a system at least charging at idle

alternator with multi pole pairs

I need a alternator that can generate 120V, 15A and up. I know it's not market available. What I really need, is a alternator with a multi(12 or 18) pole pair stater (not the rotor magnet poles). Then, I will connect the multi coil of each phase in series. In this way, the voltage rating can built-up while the current rating degraded with a factor of pole pair number in each phase.
anyone has any idea that the part number of a multi coil stater (normally 12 coils for a 4 cyl car and 18 coils for a 6 cyl one)? the power range is about 2kW.
Thanks a lot.

Prestolite AS123 intermittent charging fault

I have a Prestolite AS123 alternator in an inland waterways marine application. The charging system has developed an intermittent fault whereby the ignition charge warning lamp occasionally comes on and the alternator output drops to zero. I have replaced the alternator regulator and checked all the wiring, but with no fault found to-date. Can you please tell me if this fault could be caused by an intermittent short circuit to ground on the wire between the IND (D+) terminal and the ignition charge warning lamp? Also, can you please provide a wiring diagram for the internal wiring of this alternator?

24v Alternator overcharging

Recently I fitted a rebuilt 24vAlt to a loader but was called back to the machine less than a week later because it was overcharging, up to 33V.
Have disassembled unit roulette spielen and tested Reg on a Transpo tester which indicates Reg is o.k.
Rectifier appears okay, it was new and the stator was also new.
I am unsure though about a capacitor that upon closer inspection appears slightly dented/squashed. What is it's function? It has a rating of 250V and casino spielen also has 474K written on it. I guess you're aware of where it is attached to Rect.
Could it be the source of the overcharging fault?


Dear Dary
I Need to know about the 52volt alternator output information.If i spin the alternator with a gasoline engine
at above 1500RPM. what will be its output voltage and current
at its output terminal without connecting any rectifier or inverter.

With Regards

Questions on Ambulance Alternator

I currently own a 1989 Collins Ambulance with a 7.3 L diesel and a LN alternator  which is starting to act strangely.  After starting it seems to not charge until I rev up the engine. When driving it seems to cycle between charging and not charging with the amp gauge going up then back to neutral - is there a wiring diagram, something I should look for and or - is a rebuild kit available ?


Thanks for any suggestions :)


David Sutton

2824LC alt

have installed new 2824LC will not charge taco wont work. if alt&ing bridged will charge but still no taco.this alt replaced a 2800JB with duvac