AS128 24v 55A Wiring Diagram


Could you please direct me to a wiring diagram for AS128 24V 55A 660 215 07. Is this machine or batt sensing and can I adjust the output voltage on this unit. Application is maring, charging two banks through diode splitter.


what's the min voltage needed on D+ terminal

Using 660 216 17   LNA4024/7  battery alternator.

Need to know what's the minimum voltage needed on the D+ terminal to get the alternator working.


Have a new 8MR2198L alternator with a 8RG2062 regulator.
Is there any benefit to wireing in a field connection from a T-MAC alternator control (variable potentiometer) on this alternator? I understand this Alt & Reg put out a constant voltage, however is not battery sensed. Can this Alt Reg overcharge the batteries on a long motor sail? If so how can it be controlled if not with the T-MAC?

I have been unsuccessful at wiring in the T-Mac in a parallel configuration to the regulator (as stated in instructions for type N alternators). Is this even possible? The Field wire to tap into the regulator puts out 0-4.5 volts.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

parts brakedown for alternator series#alx-8421

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wire diagram

I have an Leece Neville alternator that I am trying to find the wiring diagram for.

The information plate on the side is missing some numbers in the middle.

The plate reads A001----771

It is a 12 volt 200 amp alternator.
The tag also says...sales 9077 and date 4996

thanks in advance


identify alternator application

I have a customer that asked me to help identify a alternator he has on his shelf.
Orginal id plate list it as:
14V 3step
p/n 102000

Just a general ideal what it is most popular application it was used in ?
And what is 3 step ?
Why is it a 14volt when all aplications are usally 12 volt ?
Thank You
Johnny Walker
Piedmont International Trucks

help please...

I have a Leece Neville 24 volt 200 amp alternator. It charges my 24 volt batteries for about 20 minutes then drops down to 10 amps.

I am using this to charge my house batteries that are fork lift style deep cylcle lead acid batteries.

Do I need to isolate the chasis of the Leece Neville from the charging generator frame (which has a 12 volt starting system)?

I just need the generator to charge at around 80 amps for 4-5 hours. Is there any way I can do this?

Mark Rankin
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8SC Questions

I have an 8SC @ 24V. It fried the + & - studs off the back. My electrical shop handed me a 8SC 12 volt and said to change the wires to match the 24 volt where the wires come from the diodes and go to the 3 wire terminals that the stator attaches to so the 12 volt back section looks like the 24 volt section. Then he said to put my 8 RL 3013 AG regulator on the back of the 12 volt section and I would have a cheap repair. Well I do have a cheap repair, but it won't work! I used all the old 24 volt parts except the replacement diode case on the back of the alternator. The wires all look right except 2 of the bridge solder point wires are on the opposite side of the bridge as the 24 volt.(The diode wires are attached to the opposite ends of the bridge on 2 of the 6 sets). I have 14 volts going to the 8RL 3013 AG. If this was a bad experment, tell me. Do I need to buy a 8SC3017 VA with 8RL 3013AG or a 8SC3018 VA with my 8RL 3013 AG? Also, is a 105-383 a direct replacement for my 8RL 3013 AG? This unit runs the A/C on a motor coach. (Once again, it is started by 14 volts.)

N or P type alternator

Hi- My question is whether alternator(type)4629JA
(model)A001090855 is P type or N type.