Replacement Alternator

Is there a modern equivalent available for a Prestolite 9RC3041 24V alternator? Is there tech info available on either the obsolete alternator or a replacement?

Thank you.

Alternator Repair

I am having trouble with my alternator.  Could you please refer me to a test and repair facility in the Taampa, Florida area.  The alternator is installed on a Country Coach RV.

alt. not chargeing

well this alt. i have is from a ford ambulance, its a 160 internaly regulated unit, i took it to a local repair man and he supposedly rebuilt it with many new parts includeing a new regulator, but i can not get it to work, ive made sure my batts. were fully charged and all new power wire from alt to battery, but nothing more than a 2.1v from the alt. at a idle its quiet, rev the motor and it sounds as if a turbo kicks in and thats when it does the 2.1v, so im thinking the regulator may be a faulty unit , the man that repaired the alt didnt offer a warr. on repairs even tho he charged 160 dollars to do the work... so im on my own to figure out what...
so im looking to see if i can possibly pick up just the regularot for this unit?and is it possible to purchase it online?

im not sure of model number or whatnot, i have pics of the alt and the new regulator sticker that states its a replacement ..
part number 77973-14v

'Excite' source for AVI128

I am assuming the AVI128 110amp alternator requires a 12v supply to 'excite' it. Is it possible to use the engine oil pressure alarm curcuit for this purpose? The reason being that the alternator won't fire, and thus prevent the starter motor turning the engine, until the engine has started and the oil pressure is correct.

What type is this?

I have just bought a 70A alternator to replace the 45A on my Land Rover Defender 110 (200Tdi), but the connectors are different from the old one (it has posts, not a plug).

I am looking for more information as I want to confirm the wiring connections, but cannot find it anywhere on the site.

The alternator type is 66021555.

Can someone advise please?


Presolite Regulator (Wisconsin Motor Belt Driven)

Where can I Purchase a Regulator Part # 8RC2009A-304A

lookin for alternator to fit my 96 nissan sentra

I have a 1996 Nissan Sentra 4 door and i want to know if any other alternator fron a different Nissan will fit my car it is a 70 amp alternator.

Need forklift alternator

Hello I need a alternator for a Yale forklift the old part # is ALK-7221-1K, is there a crossover number to a new part number?

Thanks Evan

Alternator for Nissan Patrol with P40 engine

I have a Nissan Patrol with P40 engine, I use it for offroad so it has 10 high beam light, winch, stereo, nav system with 200watts inversor for a laptop, a cooler.

Currently I have a Bosh 90 Amp battery and the original alternator.


This is the third time that when using the winch, the alternator broke down (diodes).

I want to put a bigger capacity alternator (185 AMP), I want to know which model could fit my truck.


Thanks in advace for your help

rare Leece Neville alternator

I am trying to identify this alternator. It came off of a 1995 P30 Chevy Step van with a 6.5 diesel. (not turbo). However I think it may have originally been on an ambulance. I can't seem to find a model number for this alternator anywhere. I'm told it has been rebuilt but I need the model# in order to get it checked out. Here are the numbers that I can find on the alternator:

on top of the box (that I assume is the regulator) I see a label with the following information:
TRANSPO / L77973S / 12v - 177

Info stamped on the inside of the pulley is:
Empire / 75633

I would like to know the specifications on this alternator such as the proper voltage and amp output and any other pertinent information that you can provide.