We just put a new altanator on our motor home. First trip out it stayed in HIGH 15+ the higest it would read. We turned on the front air and it would come down enough to drop and turn the dash light out. Some one told us it could be the DuVac? is this something we can fix our selves? We dont know what a DuVac is.

8LHA3096U alternator rotation

I bought a new alternator Prestolite 8LHA 3096U for my boat to charge the house batteries. I'm not sure about it's way of rotation.
On my inboard engine is fitted to turn anti-clock wise (looking the pulley) and I'm not sure if I can fit my new alternator that from the data sheet I read that turn clock wise.The shop where I bought it assure me that it's fine but I don't want to damage it.
Can you please tell me if it's ok?
Many thanks,

what is the difference between a A0014727AA and the A0014727JB?

Just curious to see if the 4727aa can be used in place of the 4727jb?

alternator A0014860JB can the a/c taps on the back be used without any modification needed to be done

alternator A0014860JB can the a/c taps on the back be used without any modification needed to be done?

Regarding A0014840AAH

Dear Dary
I bought the above said model(A0014840AAH) from your indian agent.I would like to use it with my system voltage of 80volts.since it seems a Ac alternator could you tell how to connect it with Dc rectifier.(i can convert it to dc 80volts by connecting dc to dc conerter from the dc rectifier
I have seen three poles.
like this

ac? 1 f+(?) ac?(which pole)2

ac(which pole)3
Diagram of the rear view of alternator
assume ac pole 1 and 2 are between f+ f- cabin
pole three is against these two poles.

could you please tell me what poles they belong (1 2 3).
and also what is meant by f+ f- .I need to know
what is its ac voltage(ac 220 0r 110) and frequency(50/60hertz) without connecting rectifier or converter.

With regards

How conect my prestolite alternator?


I'm changing to new wires in my Volvo Penta AQ171A. The Alternator is a Prestolite, and the label where to find series nr, part nr etc is empty??

And I have search at your website but I have not find my alternator there.


B+ is market on the alternator.

Then I have D- , and I have heard that B- could be named as D-. But D- is very fussy, so I'm not sure , perhaps its D+??? I need D+, so I can connect the charging control lamp and the external current limit relay (Bosch).


Then its a connection that has no label?!


I have attached there pictures, that perhaps could help you to say what alternator this is. And how to connect it. I would be very glad if you could help me. So I can connect the alternator right, before it was wrong, for example the charging control lamp was connect to W....


Is it something more you recommend me to do with the alternator when I have an extern current limit relay? Best Regards Marcus Alm, in Sweden

AMA-5104UT - Parts Breakdown

We need to repair a set of AMA-5104 UT alternators, which belong to some old Portuguese Navy LARCs.
A parts breakdown list will be extremely usefull but we can't find it using Leece Neville/Prestolite website.
Can you help us?
Thank you for your kind support

200amp pad mount ignition excite Leece neville alternators

I am told that our 2008 Freightliner Argosys come with 200amp Leece Neville Ignition Excite alternators. What is Ignition Excite?


51-280 alternator

I am attempting to adapt a prestolite 51-280 to my 1938 12 volt cabin cruiser which currently has a generator. I have the alternator and would like to know the proper wiring of the alternator, output, and pulley size (3 x 1) 1600 max RPM.

Thank you

Al Zink

3D Model availability

Please advise if you have 3 Dimensional models availabe for your product range in perticular we require a model for your Alternator 8LHA2070VB.  We are an Industrial Design company based in Brisbane Australia using Solidworks software, models if available could be provided as IGS or Step files.  Please advise if you are able to assist us in this matter.



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