leece neville

Good morning i have a customer that has given me a number off a leece neville alternator that can't locate the number is brg2101a can you help?

Alternator - Catalina 27

Dear sirs,

I have a Catalina 27 with an 11HP Universal Atomic Diesel engine with this alternator in it. I cannot find a model number on the back. Everything on the back has been rubbed off over the years. I had it tested at a local auto shop and it is only putting out 11 volts. They really guessed on a cross-over number. I did find these numbers but they may not be correct because everything was really faint.

846 (?);

51 amps ( for certain);

12V ( for certain);

110-389 (?).


Can you tell from the photos which unit I have?


Edwin R. Knox III, AIA

Prestolite alternator AVI 110AMP,#35215335UK

1]How many poles does this alternator have[ie pulses per rotation]?
2]Do you have a performance curve for 50deg.C?,or how do I best interpolate from the curves you provide at 23.5deg.C
Tony Hannaford

Brush length - VLF3278

I, i am doing the maintenance on a marine alternator I would like to know what is the full lenght of a new brush on the alternator model number VLF3278 , 28 Vdc
Year 200126
Sales : 110-852
Thanks in advance
Marc Rochette
Electrotechnician Canadian Coast Guard

DUVAC sense wire jb2824

Hello....I have had a surging voltage on my dash gauge between 14 up to 15.or sixteen amps, it pulses at a steady up-down pace...reading some of the post here it seems it might be the "remote sense wire" if I want to replace this wire where do I connect the other end ? (can I just wire it to the the Pos. batt. term.?) hard to trace this wire since its in a bundle and I can't trace it......hope this makes sense....


thanks for any help

information on rebuilding alternators and starters for any vehicle

I live in Okmulgee, Oklahoma and in my town the guy that use to rebuild alternators and starters retired. So im thinking on starting a new business... What i need is some literature on how to do different alternators and starters. any help u can give me would be fine



My email is

thanks again

8RF2012A sales #105-152

I have a model 8rf2012a altenator sales # 105-152 with a Spool mount with 3 holes. The other information on the regualtor is Amps4 volts 12 200432. Was needing info on proper wiring for this unit.


Byron Smith

Alternator amp. meter and dash light

I have a 2003 Holiday rambler motor home with a 8RG-2113 alternator. The dash alt. light flashes and the amp. meter swings from charge to discharge. Not at the same time and these things are from time to time. Alternator seems to be charging normally any other time. Also could use a diagram what terminals need to be checked for bad or loose connections. Thanks John

wiring dia for 8MR2185l alt old one had three posts yourws has five. old one had wire coming out of reg to small wire in loom

my oold reg had a small wire coming out of the reg your new on 8MR2185L has 4 pickups which one do i use??