Output voltage tolerance for 8SC3068V and 8SC3009ZA



I am looking for the output voltage tolerance of the alternators models: 8SC3068V and 8SC3009ZA. 


Also, the regulator setpoint for both models is 28V nominal. And if i need the output voltage to be 24V nominal, I can adjust the voltage using the voltage setting pot right? 


Thanks for your help.


Can I convert a 110-555JHO 12volt to 24volt?

I have a new 110-555JHO 12 volt. I need to charge at 24volt. Can this alternator be converted to 24volt? If so what components and P/N's will I need to do this?

Regulator Plate for A0014836AAH

Dear Maam or Sir,
I wish to know the part number for the Regulator Plate Assembly (F1 / F2) used in Leece-Neville alternator A0014836AAH.

Kind regards,
Harold Johnson

Need New Alt

Need help

I have a Prestolite Alt Model #8em2005KB, 51 amp, 12 v

also a #8rc2009A on the bottom back of the alt.

Double v-belt on a 4.3l YEMS boat motor

Can anyone cross it or point me in the right direction.


wiring diagram

I have just purchased a 110-555JHO for my boat.
I have 4 x 220 Amp lead/acid service batteries and 1 x 220 Amp lead/acid starter. I want to use a Mastervolt Battery isolator so I can charge both battery banks from the one alternator. My Gardner 4LW engine revs at 1200 rpm (max).
I can't find a wiring diagram on this site. Can you point me in the right direction?

110-444 (mda2932)

I am looking for a parts breakdown on this series alts. Both swing and pad mount. I need replacement rotors for both styles.

Thanks, todd 15

voltage regulator

I am looking for a prestolite voltage regulator # VSC-5201A-Y
or one that I can use in place of.

Replacement Alternator

What alternator replaces your A001090594
We have several Fire Trucks with these and I have been told that they are no longer around

Charge light circuit

I’m in the middle of resurrecting a 1982 wood chipper. Power is a 300 ci Ford 6 cyl.
At some point in it’s prior life, both indicator lights (charge and oil pressure) were essentially destroyed leaving little clue as to the wiring. The harness between the alternator and the regulator was had been opened up and spliced (looked like fire repair). My solution is to do a rewire and replace missing parts. For the charge light I have an LED that physically fits, but I have no idea of the wiring from the ignition switch to the charge light and the regulator.

The Ford Manual indicates a 15 Ohm resistor in parallel with the lamp for a Ford Alternator but is quite silent regarding the Motorola other than a lead off of the regulator to IGN

Ford manual gives a pretty good layout for a Ford alternator \and regulator but this unit came with a Motorola external regulator, a Motorola Alternator and the manual refers you to Motorola which I guess put’s my question in your lap as the successor to their alternator business.

Regulator is Motorola Part number 8RH2002
Ford #D3JL10316A

Alternator is Motorola Part No 8AL2046N

Any help would be appreciated. Documentation on these powerunits seems pretty scarce


Marine alternator question

I have a Prestolite alternator on a Universal M3-20 diesel engine in my boat, the boat and engine is a 1990 and I believe it to be the original alternator though it has been rebuilt and painted black and I can't read the model number without taking it off and dissolving the paint. This alternator has a 1/4 stud for the battery output, a voltage sense wire, a purple wire for the excite terminal and a tach output. I believe it grounds through the case. It has a regulator on it. It looks very similar to an 8MR alternator, 2" spool mount with 6.5" between the top and bottom bolt holes.
It puts out 14 to 14.2 volts all the time regardless of what my batteries need and I want to be able to turn it off when they don't need charge to avoid overcharging them. It is charging two group 24 dual purpose and another starting battery through a Xantrex echo charger.
I hooked it up to a main battery switch with a field disconnect to protect the diodes against accidentally shutting off the batteries. I also put a switch on the purple wire going to the excite terminal figuring that breaking that circuit would shut it down, but it doesn't do anything, the alternator just keeps on making 14 to 14.2 volts.
Do these alternators self-excite once they are making power? If so, how do I shut down its output. Also, if it self excites I assume the field disconnect in my main battery switch is useless as well, is this correct?