How To Bypass Regulator


I have a A0012700LC 2700LC alternator and I wondering how do I bypass the Regulator as the engine only runs wen batteriens need charged ad then the engine shuts off when batteries are charged ( through a seperate controller ) so i have no need for the regylator and would like to bypass it.


reverse polarity alternators

I have an 1989 Ford E-350 in my shop that the customer has turned into a float. They changed the original alternator out to a Leece Nevill model # A 001090770 reverse polarity. What is the proper way to wire the battery, starter, and alternator? Thanks for any help!



mounting bolt bushings for 8lha alt

i am trying to find new mounting bolt bushings for a 8lha2070vb alt local shops rae telling me that theyare not available i can't beleive that

Connecting wires to a 8MR2302L alternator

I am connecting a 8MR2302L alternator to my boat and the boat wireing has an output to B+, a small wire connected to the Excitation terminal, and an 8 Guage Orange wire that is labeled "TO ALT AUX" in the boat wireing diagram and in the diagram, this wire also seems to be connected to the (RED) voltage regulator. I believe I should connect this wire to the REG, D+ terminal (lamp). Could you please confirm?
Thank You, John


U.S Imigration Customs Enforcement. What Alternator is replaceing the VLF 3278-003 we have sevral of our bus fleet with this Alternator and have problems trying to find the two brakets that bolt to the alternator. These alternators are an uor Blue Bird buses with C-12 Cats ????

Spark Arrestor Type Alternator

We have a requirement for a spark arrestor type alternator. The model we currently use is a Leece-Neville 35214945S. Is there anything available to fit this application.

Parts for a 3002a

I have some parts for a Leece Neville Alternator, it is the rectifier and brush holders in the housing. This is an assembly. Do you buy Parts??


regulator voltage charging problem

Hello, i have a catamaran (two engine) with two alternators model: 8MR2035T / 110-244 and two regulators model:8RG2019 / 105-215. I have gel batteries and i know that i sould not charging over 14.00 volts. But i had a problem with a regulator and i had change it but now the new regulator charge a 14.5 volts on stboard side and the one on portside charge at 14.01. I realise there a different number on each. Stboard side have this num. 200606 and portside 9945? Do you know if i can adjust it? What i should do? Thank you

Marine Alternator part number for replacement

Looking for a replacement part number for a Prestolite alternator ALE 6207 Y-1B off a 1969 31' Chris Craft Commander with 327 engines.