Alternator amp. meter and dash light

I have a 2003 Holiday rambler motor home with a 8RG-2113 alternator. The dash alt. light flashes and the amp. meter swings from charge to discharge. Not at the same time and these things are from time to time. Alternator seems to be charging normally any other time. Also could use a diagram what terminals need to be checked for bad or loose connections. Thanks John

wiring dia for 8MR2185l alt old one had three posts yourws has five. old one had wire coming out of reg to small wire in loom

my oold reg had a small wire coming out of the reg your new on 8MR2185L has 4 pickups which one do i use??

wiring 8MR2401UA alternator with 8RG2043C regulator.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Erik Hyldager. I am on a Danish yarch and have build in a new alternator. I was wondering if I could get a wiring schematic for your 8MR2401UA alternator with 8RG2043C regulator. It would be much appreciated for this info.

Sincerely, Erik Hyldager

8SC3014U Alternator



I have a couple of certification questions for you if you can help.


What is the voltage modulation? My standard calls for a max of 2%.


What are the upper and lower voltage transient?


What is the max voltage spike(peak value)?


What is the voltage transiet recovery time? My standard calls for 2 seconds.


Thanks  Scott Willson


I have a leece neville aternator on a 3406 caterpilar in a commercial fishing vessel. The alternator use to be serviced or exchanged by caterpilar (southworth milton). They do not handle them anymore so where do I go? I am in Kittery Maine.
Bud Fernandes
9 Langton St
Kittery Me 03904
tel 207 439 8805

A0014892AA Alternator

Is there a picture or drawing of this alternator anywhere and can it be used with the 8rd series regulators?

alternator rebuild kit if availabl110-555

rebuild kit for alternator 160 amp 110-555 still works only charges 12 volts

A0012824LC Alternator- Adustable Regulator, or Preset?

Was this Alternator manufactured with a preset or adjustable regulator?  Also, what website address shows the breakdown as to location of regulator, adjustment...etc. Thanks, David

Dash Guage Voltage Swings

Alternator Charging Variation(A0012824CL)

I have a 2002 Monaco Motor Home and have started getting wild swings in the dash Amp Meter reading from 8.5 volts to 14+ while on the road. When it goes over 14 volts I turn on all lights and heater fan to get it back to 13.9 to 14.0 volts. Then it might drop to 12 volts for a minute or so and has gone to 8.5 volts for maybe 2-3 minutes before returning to a high 13 volt reading. The ground wires seem to be tight. Could a bad battery cause this? (ALT. No. A0012824LC) Today while troubleshooting I get an Alt. reading on the large wire showing 14.2 volts, and the two small wires 13.88 and 13.82. Engine RPM was about 1200. Any ideas? Thanks, David.

Wiring 8SC2009ZA


We are replacing a Butec Alt in a Double Decker Bus with

the 8SC3009ZA.

Please assist with wiring instructions. One terminal is marked "R"

what does that refer to?

Any installation / troubleshooting guides you have available

would be appreciated. Thanks