What is the terminal identified as "cut-out". If you apply voltage will the regulator shut off?

turning off the alternator - external regulator?


I own a Prestolite AS128e alternator, and i need to be able to turn off the alternator with the alternator field switch, that I have installed.

How could i do?

Should I install the 100-265S cover and then an external regulator?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Old alternator?

I have a pair of alternators marked ANE 5204 on 1973 Chrysler Marine M440 engines. I want to replace them with alternators with internal voltage regulators.

What is the correct Alternator to use?

Alan G. Larson
ANchorage, Alaska

8SC3017VA vs 8SC3018VA

I have a 8SC3017VA alternator. What parts do I need to change to get a 8SC3018VA?

Please advise..

David López

8SC3017VA VS 8SC3018VA

I hava a 8SC3017VA Alternator. So, What parts do I need to change it to get a 8SC3018VA Alternator?

Please advise.

Thanks a lot.

David López.

BRG 3078 installation on a Power Boat - cable plans

Dear Sears, on a restored Gardner engine is a second alternator typ BRG 3078 installed. This alternator is only for the main batteries used, not for the starter and the starter batterie. Please, could you send me a detailed cable/ wiring plan per e-mail? What  kind of regulator I have to take? Thank you very much Michael Schilling -

Alternator Info - Leece-Neville 8RG3044 (? BRG3044) Sales 105-279

Would like to obtain general info for on board testing.
2 engines, after 10 minutes @ idle show 27.1 volts and
27.5 volts, (inexpensive sears vom). Is this about where I should be ? Did not test @ higher rpm this run.

A0014834AA Leech Neville sales 4834AA

I have this altenator installed on a 2006 Bluebird with a C7 Cat. It was just rebuilt they took off my marking for the wiring does anyone have the diagram.


Dear Sir/ Madam

This is Vincent Choo from Keppel Sea Scan (Singapore).

We are looking for a unit of alternator with details belows:-

Prestolite Heavy Duty Products.

Part no: 857555
Serial No.: 199411
A/V : 60A/28

Leyeland Road, Leyland UK, PR51YB.

Kindly offer your quote and e-mail to us at

Thank you very much

Which LN 12v alt over 100amps IS UL and USCG approved

Which LN 12v alt over 100amps IS UL and USCG approved for marine use?
and can you convert one to an external smart regulator?

Where will I find the output graph to confirm my pulley sizes?

I assume they also have a tach terminal which I will need