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100 YearsPrestolite Electric (Leece-Neville) is celebrating 100 years of manufacturing in the USA. Founded in 1911 as Electric Autolite, the company produced generators to power early day auto lamps. First OE customers were Studebaker, Packard and Indiana Buggy Works.

From the early 1920's through the 1960's the company had such firsts as: Low Maintenance Batteries, Resistor Spark Plugs, Solid State Ignition Systems and a Fully Submersible Ignition. The product range was expanded to include Starting Motors, Regulators, Wire and Cable Products.

Over the years following, a strategy was evolving to position Prestolite Electric (Leece-Neville) into a global manufacturer of starters and alternators. The 80's saw the acquisition of the Leece-Neville Sheller Corp. and Butec Limited, Leyland, England. In 1998 the Company added Lucas, expanding the manufacturing footprint to Argentina and South Africa. That same year the alternator division of Motorola, located in Arcade, New York was acquired. The latest center of excellence was formed in 2000: the joint venture in Beijing, China forming Prestolite Electric Beijing Limited.

Prestolite Electric's (Leece-Neville) Arcade facility, located in New York, is the last remaining high-volume manufacturer of starters and alternators located in the USA. "We are here for the long-term, supporting our military and our regional and multi-national customers. We are a key part of the strategies our customers have shared with us." said Tony Wong, Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Quality.

"One Voice, One Family, One Company" is our motto. Whether it is our manufacturing locations in the USA, China, Argentina or the UK, Prestolite strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. The silos we operated in are a thing of the past. We are truly a global organization, with the benefits passing through to our customers." added Joe Lefave, President and CEO of Prestolite Electric Inc.


Prestolite Electric Announces New Heavy Duty, Passenger and Light Commercial Application and Cross Reference Catalogues

PP4022 HD coverWe are pleased to announce the release of two new 2006 catalogues for the United Kingdom and European markets.

These catalogues provide detailed application information and cross references for a wide variety of heavy duty, light commercial and passenger applications. The guides cover alternators and starter motors available in the United Kingdom and Europe.


Service Bulletin (UK) - Operation of 594A Regulator on large 24 volt alternators

This Service Bulletin (SB No.0041 - attachment below) describes the operation of the 594A regulator fitted to any of the following large frame alternators:

AC172R, AB172R, AB172RL
AC203R, AC203RA

Service Bulletin (UK) - Alternator Diagnosis Information

This Service Bulletin (SB No.0040 - attachment below) describes the typical steps necessary to troubleshoot an alternator installed on a 24 volt system. The bulletin includes a table showing the symptom, fault, and action required for problems found during the electrical tests detailed.