175 Amp 4830/4834 Reman Alternators are being discontinued

As part of our initiative to upgrade our 175 amp alternators to 185 amp, we are superseding the 4830LCRM and the 4834LCRM with the 185 amp versions, 4833LGHRM and 4836LGHRM. Starting now, and through all of 2007 we will accept both 175 amp and 185 amp cores when you purchase the 185 amp units. That makes this a great opportunity to upgrade to the 185 amp alternators and still get credit for your 175 amp cores.

The 185 amp reman units are available now. This is an upgrade program. Even though you will pay a little more for these remanufactured alternator models, you get all of the benefits of the 185 amp models, and we will accept either 175 or 185 amp cores. The easiest way to differentiate the cores is by the noticing the external rectifier on the 185 amp alternators:

175 185 cores

Attached: FL-1089 flyer describing the program and showing how to differentiate the cores.

FL1089_Discontinuance_of_175A_Reman_alts.pdf205.13 KB