Tech Bulletin (US)- how to replace the 7726JA with a 5523AA Alternator

7726The A0017726JA is a 1" spool mount, 12/14 volt, 200 amp alternator that was originally designed for shuttle bus and motorcoach applications that utilized the Ford V10 (6.8 liter) and V8 (5.4 liter) gasoline and CNG (compressed natural gas) engines.

While we limited the warranty of these units to only those applications that had been specifically approved by our Application Engineering group, we found that they were being installed in un-approved applications that were causing them to operate beyond their design specifications. Therefore, we felt that it was in the best interest of the end user to discontinue the sale and production of these units.

We do, however, have an alternative solution for these applications. The 5523AA is the same frame style and size of the 7726JA, but requires an external regulator and an external rectifier. Removing these items from the alternator housing means that the 5523AA is much more capable of surviving in the demanding high heat applications in which it is likely to be installed.

Installation of the 5523AA alternator requires the purchase and installation of an external regulator (8RD2014S) and an external rectifier (C0011111CA). The mounting location of these items is recommended to be somewhere other than inside the engine compartment, preferably inside the vehicle cab. It is strongly recommended that the installation be performed by a professional familiar with the wiring in vehicle charging systems, as cables that were connected to the alternator will have to be rerouted to the remote rectifier and regulator. In most cases the original wires will need to be lengthened and additional wiring will be required.

Please reference the attached technical service bulletins for details on the installation requirements.

The information contained in this bulletin is intended for professional technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to perform the maintenance described. This information is NOT intended for ‘do-it-yourselfers’, and you should not assume that this information applies to your equipment. If you have any questions regarding this information please contact our customer service department at:
Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems
a division of Prestolite Electric Inc
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