Twin-Power Multiple Alternator System For Fire Trucks and Heavy Emergency Vehicles

Power X2 SystemUpdate: The Twin-Power alternators have been discontinued and superceded with the new MultiPower alternators. For new installations please use the new MultiPower alternators. Continue reading below for information on previous installations of the discontinued Twin-Power alternators. A new brochure has been released showing the features and benefits of the Twin-Power Fire Truck alternator system. This system allows for the installation of two 12/14 volt, 270 amp high output alternators for applications using the Detroit Diesel Series 60 dual alternator mounting bracket configuration. The dual alternator installation provides 340 amps at engine idle, and 540 amps during pumping on these vehicles.

In addition to the brochure, 6 technical service bulletins have been attached to provide additional information on this system.

Attachment description:

  • PG-1009: Twin-Power brochure
  • TSB-1035: Twin-Power wiring diagram
  • TSB-1039: Bench top test instructions for Twin-Power alternators
  • TSB-1043: Twin-Power regulator test procedure using Transpo regulator tester
  • TSB-1017: Twin-Power troubleshooting procedure
  • TSB-1016: Twin-Power regulator change procedure
  • TSB-1015: Twin-Power regulator change procedure for Piece Mfg Dash Series Fire Truck
PG1009_Power-X2_System.pdf257.32 KB
TSB-1035_Wiring_Diagram_4991-4992.pdf176.4 KB
TSB-1039_4991-4992_Test-stand-instructions.pdf405.95 KB
TSB-1043_Twin_Power_reg_Transpo_tester.pdf180.07 KB
TSB-1017_Twin_Power_Troubleshooting_Procedure.pdf270.13 KB
TSB-1016_Reg_Change_out_4900.pdf170.02 KB
TSB-1015_Reg_changeout_4991-4992PA.pdf179.17 KB