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Product information for the United States and North America

AVI160T (12 volt, 230 amp) - New Alternator Announcement

AVI160TLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Sytems Division of Prestolite Electric is thrilled to announce the release of several new alternators:

AVI160T2002 (available now!)
AVI160T2001 (available in June)

These two models are T-mount configurations of a brand new family of heavy duty, internal fan alternators designed and built from the ground up by our advanced engineering teams in Plymouth, MI and Arcade, NY.

Designed specifically for aftermarket installations on Ford F & E series chassis, along with Navistar LCF vehicles, they provide plenty of additional output required by demanding applications such as construction, shuttle bus and emergency vehicles.

Alternator Product Numbering in the US - What does it mean?

Part confusion imageWe get asked from time-to-time how we came to have such a creative part numbering system.


OK, in truth it usually comes out more along the lines of 'How on earth could you guys have taken something that should be so simple and turned it into such a mess?'. Well, believe it or not, we actually have a [good reason] [logical explanation] excuse.


Call it what you will, we can explain most of it, and have written a technical bulletin that describes in detail what most of our US alternator product numbering means and from where it came.


Electric Drive-Line Brake Retarders - Charging Circuit Technical Bulletin (TSB-1117)

Electric Drive-Line Retarders Tech BulletinElectric drive-line brake retarders (such as those made by Telma) require cyclical high amperage demands from the battery and alternator when in use. Prestolite Electric recommends alternators with a minimum of 200 amp (12 volt) output for these applications, and in some cases outputs of 270 and 320 amp (12 volt) are required.
However, some OE vehicles (certain Mack Trucks, for example) come equipped with protective circuit breakers rated at 105 amp (12 volt) in the negative circuit near the battery. This can create severe service issues for these vehicles, and may falsely indicate that the alternator is not functioning correctly. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied in most cases.

New 220 and 245 Amp (12/14 volt) High Output, High Temperature Alternators Available!

220, 245 amp alternatorsLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems Division of Prestolite Electric announced today the addition of alternators with outputs of 220 amp and 245 amp (12 volt) to its line of popular high amperage 4000 series alternators. "The new models, available in both J180 and Pad mount design, fill a gap in our current lineup of high output alternators." says Jim Beirne, Executive VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing. "The new models incorporate all of the best design features our customers have come to expect in our alternators, including very high output at idle and the ability to run in high temperature environments. Best of all, we have been able to leverage manufacturing efficiencies utilizing our solid lead frame design to allow us to reduce the price of these units."



Titan 105 Gear Reduced Starter Motor Now Available

Titan 105 starter motorLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems Division of Prestolite Electric announced today the release of the TitanTM105 medium duty, in-line gear reduced starter motor. "We are pleased to release our newest addition to the TitanTM lineup of gear reduced starter motors" says Scott Miller, Director of US Aftermarket Sales. "The M105302 is a 105 mm, 5kW, 12 volt, in-line gear reduced starter motor that has been designed for diesel engines up to 11 liters, including the International DT466, DT530, DT570 and Cummins ISC and ISL engines."

Brushless alternator wiring instructions - how to install the new 185 amp alternators (TSB-1057)

Brushless alternator wiringOur new brushless alternators, rated at 160 and 185 amp (12 volt) are universal replacement alternators. These alternators come standard with both remote sense and lamp driver connections, so they will work in almost any application that you'll run across. However, you're going to need to know how to wire them up correctly, so you should download this technical service bulletin and keep it handy!

School Bus Alternator Application Guide - TSB-1025

TSB-1025 school bus alternatorThis technical bulletin is a detailed document that focuses on the entire charging system in school bus applications. The bulletin covers the alternator, batteries, and interconnected cabling in this type of demanding environment. Here are some examples from the bulletin:

No-Idle System Advanced Troubleshooting Guide - MC-615-PACKIT - TSB-1058

TSB-1058 MC-615 regulatorThe MC-615-PACKIT is an advanced voltage regulator that has been designed to meet the demanding needs of today's high technology dynamic electrical systems. These systems, the primary use of which are most often referred to as a 'No-Idle' system, are being used on some of the most advanced heavy duty truck designs on the road today. The MC-615 regulator constantly monitors the operating temperatures and voltage of the batteries, while also managing the alternator and monitoring its temperature. The controller regulates the voltage of the alternator for the specific battery type chosen by the vehicle manufacturer, and charges the batteries in three seperate stages.

Along with this advanced technology, however, comes increased complexity when diagnosing problems within the system. This 14 page guide walks you through the steps required to effectively troubleshoot any system that has the MC-615-PACKIT installed.

Click on the link below to download the file (pdf format).