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How to troubleshoot a 12 volt alternator on the vehicle - TSB-1019

TSB-1019 alternator troubleshootingThis popular guide, which provides detailed instructions on how to trouble shoot a heavy duty, 12 volt alternator while it is still mounted on the vehicle has been updated. In a simple, easy to follow format this 2 page TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) will walk you through the steps necessary to find out if that alternator is functioning properly, of it it's time for a new one.

Click on the link below to download the file (pdf format)

No-Idle system - Prestolite Signs Licensing Agreement with Balmar for regulator

MC-614 no idle system
(Update - originally posted 3/07)
Ballard Commercial Industries, Inc. (Balmar) and Prestolite Electric Incorporated have today announced that they have entered into a licensing agreement which allows Prestolite to produce and sell regulators using Balmar’s specialized no-idle system regulator technology for heavy duty truck applications. The agreement becomes effective April 1st, 2007. This regulator technology allows for a customized battery charging profile to be used in deep cycle applications, instead of conventional regulation methods.

Titan 125 Video Available

Titan 125 videoWe have created a 5 minute video introducing the Titan range of gear reduced starter motors.

You can view the movie by clicking on the start arrow below the movie, or you can download the movie by right-clicking on the links at the bottom of the page and selecting [Save Target As...] or [Save Link As...] from the pop-up menu. The movie is available in formats that will play in either Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime Player.

Leece-Neville Announces New MultiPower Load Sharing Alternators

PG1011_Multi-Power.jpgLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems Division of Prestolite Electric announced today the release of a new 270 amp alternator featuring a patent-pending regulator design that allows for up to 4 alternators to be installed on a single application. "Leece-Neville has built a reputation as the premier high amperage alternator manufacturer", says Eric Bippus, Vice President of Worldwide Aftermarket Sales "and this new design is a perfect addition to that high amperage lineup. The unique regulator design on this model allows it to share the dynamic load of the vehicle in a perfect balance between up to 4 alternators, for a staggering 1,040 total system amps. What's more, the only thing required to create this load sharing capability is the installation of a single transmit / receive wire between the alternators."


In most applications where more than one alternator is installed on a vehicle the total load of the vehicle is not effectively shared between the units. This creates a situation where one of the alternators is supplying its maximum output and the other one is supplying little or none, leading to premature failure of the working alternator. The patent-pending design of the MultiPower™ alternators allows for the alternators to constantly monitor total system demand and the output of the other installed alternators, and to dynamically adjust their own output to exactly match the output of all other alternators in that system.


To find out more about this story click here or view the documents below.

7900LH Regulator Replaced By 102200S

102200 Leece-Neville announces the immediate supersession of our 79000LH regulator with the 102200S regulator. We decided to use the 102200S over the 79000LH because of its far superior quality and technology. The 102200S is 100% compatible with the original 79000LH, but is much more durable and has many more features:

Tech Bulletin (TSB-1041, US) - replacement of older style regulators with 105-396 (8RL3024)

The redesign of the 105-351 (8RL3021) and 105-352 (8RL3022) was done to incorporate a sealed regulator housing to improve the reliability of the regulator. This redesign also allowed us to integrate the enhancements listed below, along with offering a common regulator for multiple alternators.

  • The adjustment potentiometer was removed to eliminate the possibility of improper adjustments by the user.
  • the new 105-396 (8RL3024) regulator is compatible with both the 3 wire 105-351 and the 4 wire 105-352.

The attached technical bulletin provides wiring details on how to replace the old style regulators with the new one.

Twin-Power Multiple Alternator System For Fire Trucks and Heavy Emergency Vehicles

Power X2 SystemUpdate: The Twin-Power alternators have been discontinued and superceded with the new MultiPower alternators. For new installations please use the new MultiPower alternators. Continue reading below for information on previous installations of the discontinued Twin-Power alternators. A new brochure has been released showing the features and benefits of the Twin-Power Fire Truck alternator system. This system allows for the installation of two 12/14 volt, 270 amp high output alternators for applications using the Detroit Diesel Series 60 dual alternator mounting bracket configuration. The dual alternator installation provides 340 amps at engine idle, and 540 amps during pumping on these vehicles.

In addition to the brochure, 6 technical service bulletins have been attached to provide additional information on this system.

Technical Bulletin (US) - School Bus Application Guide

school bus*Update - this TSB has been updated, please download the new version attached.

We all know that the most important consideration when it comes to a school bus is safety. The second most important thing, when it comes to the alternator on the bus, is reliability. The Technical Service Bulletin attached includes many helpful hints on ways to ensure that your school bus has the correct alternator and cabling so that it is both safe and reliable. It will help you to select the correct size alternator for your application, along with plenty of helpful information on batteries, cabling, and even how to read an alternator output curve. It also includes a handy worksheet for calculating amperage demands.

As always, if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them here.

175 Amp 4830/4834 Reman Alternators are being discontinued

As part of our initiative to upgrade our 175 amp alternators to 185 amp, we are superseding the 4830LCRM and the 4834LCRM with the 185 amp versions, 4833LGHRM and 4836LGHRM. Starting now, and through all of 2007 we will accept both 175 amp and 185 amp cores when you purchase the 185 amp units. That makes this a great opportunity to upgrade to the 185 amp alternators and still get credit for your 175 amp cores.

The 185 amp reman units are available now. This is an upgrade program. Even though you will pay a little more for these remanufactured alternator models, you get all of the benefits of the 185 amp models, and we will accept either 175 or 185 amp cores. The easiest way to differentiate the cores is by the noticing the external rectifier on the 185 amp alternators: