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Tech Bulletin (US)- how to replace the 7726JA with a 5523AA Alternator

7726The A0017726JA is a 1" spool mount, 12/14 volt, 200 amp alternator that was originally designed for shuttle bus and motorcoach applications that utilized the Ford V10 (6.8 liter) and V8 (5.4 liter) gasoline and CNG (compressed natural gas) engines.

While we limited the warranty of these units to only those applications that had been specifically approved by our Application Engineering group, we found that they were being installed in un-approved applications that were causing them to operate beyond their design specifications. Therefore, we felt that it was in the best interest of the end user to discontinue the sale and production of these units.

Tech bulletin (US) - 4900 Series housing styles and through bolts

Leece-Neville is currently manufacturing two different style rear housings on the 4900 (pad mount) series of high amperage alternators. This article shows the differences between the housings and includes details on the through bolts that are being used (TSB-1047 is attached).

Leece-Neville Announces New 185 amp Alternator for School Bus Applications

4836LGHOh, how times change. When we first started manufacturing and marketing alternators for school buses here in the US we knew that our 140 amp 2500 series was more than a match for the task. These days, we know that school buses need an alternator capable of a minimum output of 185 amps, and that as soon as you throw on even a single air conditioning unit that even that isn't going to be enough. On top of that, the new EPA diesel engine requirements are driving the under hood temperatures of these buses higher and higher, creating a very difficult environment for the alternator. It's time for a change, so this is what we're doing to meet these challenges.

Our 444 vs the 22SI

MDA alternator Did you know that our 110-444 alternator (the MDA series) is a direct replacement for the 22SITM? Product highlights include: Fan design and external field rectifier heat sinks offer improved cooling. Sealed brush box keeps dirt from getting pulled into the brushes. Vibration tested and approved for Class 8 applications. View the flyer attached (FL-1078) for additional details. In addition, there is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB-1042) that shows the wiring differences between the 444 and the 22SITM. Don't be afraid to leave a comment here if you have any questions.

Wiring instructions for the MDA/MDP/ 444 alternators, compared to 22SI

MDA wire thumbThere's been some confusion about the wiring configuration for the MDA / MDP / 444 alternators. These units were initially marketed as direct, drop-in replacements for the Remy 22SITM alternators. However, the wiring configuration is slightly different, and if you're not careful this can create a problem.

The attached technical bulletin (TSB-1042) shows how to wire up the Leece-Neville 444 style alternator, and even shows the wiring on a 22SITM for comparison.

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Click here to download TSB-1042